Dang: No Squeezy Sides for Pixel 4a

Oh no, it appears that the Pixel 4a won’t come with squeezy sides, aka Active Edge. Womp womp. This feature was first introduced with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. With it, users can squeeze the side of their devices, which would trigger Google Assistant. However, with rumor being that Google is to introduce […]

Huawei’s HMS now has 1.4 million registered developers globally

At the Huawei’s 17th Global Analyst Conference, Wang Yanmin, President of Huawei’s Consumer Business, revealed that the number of Huawei’s HMS developers has increased by 15% to 1.4 million. In February of this year, the number of registered developers announced by Huawei was 1.3 million. Huawei’s HMS needs time and effort to develop After being […]

Yu Chengdong: National security is just an excuse – Huawei threatens US tech hegemony

Huawei consumer business CEO, Yu Chengdong, recently said that it is now obvious that the U.S. national security claim is just a hoax. According to him, Huawei is simply a huge threat to the U.S. technological hegemony and that is what matters. According to Chinese media reports, Yu Chengdong retweeted an article titled “U.S. Attorney General Barr […]

Xfinity Mobile Data Plans Now Include Free Access to 5G

Xfinity Mobile is introducing new data plans this week, each offering free access to 5G connectivity regardless of how you opt to pay —  either per GB or unlimited. If you didn’t already know, Xfinity Mobile’s plans are relatively straightforward. You can opt for the unlimited route, which now comes with 5G access where available […]

Realme Narzo 10: 70,000 units sold in just 2 minutes in India

Back in the last week, Realme has revealed two new smartphones for the Indian market – Realme Narzo 10 and Narzo 10A. These devices finally reached the market after several delays caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the country’s lockdown policies. Today, the Realme Narzo 10 went on its first sale in India and […]

China Unicom & ZTE targets 1Tbps peak data rate for 6G

On May 17, 2020, at the 51st World Telecommunication Day, China Unicom and ZTE signed a 6G joint strategic cooperation agreement. According to the content of the strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties will give full info on their respective innovation advantages in the 6G field. They will jointly explore the 6G target vision and technology […]

Apple announces the latest Android phone trade-in plan

Apple’s Trade-In program has been active for some time. However, the company’s Chinese website recently announced a Trade-In program where you can trade in eligible devices and get a discount on your new device purchase. If your equipment does not qualify for the credit, it can also be recycled for free. Interestingly, the new Apple […]

Apple Glasses will be announced on mid 2021 but will only hit the shelves by 2022

Smart glasses, apparently, the holy grail of wearables and something that companies are still trying to figure out. The concept of smart glasses is quite old and comes way before Augmented reality became a thing in the market. We have many attempts, but none of them truly managed to become mainstream. Now, another company seems […]

Pixel 2 XL was My iPhone and No Phone has Felt the Same

As 2018 was kicking off and we approached the early season of phone releases, I wrote a piece about the Pixel 2 XL and how I considered it to be “my iPhone.” At the time, I was sharing my thoughts on finally finding enough satisfaction in a phone to the point where I wasn’t feeling […]

Honor MagicBook Pro 2020 announced with premium hardware

Huawei’s Honor brand is more than just smartphones and to “honor” its portfolio of products, the brand is announced the Honor MagicBook Pro 2020 edition during its Honor Smart Life event. The new laptop weighs 1.7Kg and is 16.9mm thick, however, what’s more, interesting is fitted underneath. Under the hood, the Honor MagicBook Pro 2020 […]