This Microsoft Surface Duo Software Tour is Worth a Watch

The Microsoft Surface Duo is a device I am so completely torn about. On one hand, I’m sure it will be quite premium knowing the quality of Microsoft’s other Surface products, plus there is something pulling me to the Duo during this pandemic life because I’m never going to stop looking for the perfect couch […]

AUKEY’s 100W Omnia Charger is Awesome and Down to $41 With Coupon Code

When you spend thousands of dollars on a laptop, such as a new 16″ MacBook Pro, it doesn’t feel great when you have to write up third-party chargers, but alas, here we are. This year, AUKEY released its Omnia series of chargers and one of the latest to be made available is the company’s 100W […]

Xiaomi’s New Android TV-Powered Mi Stick Could be a No-Brainer at $45

In Portugal, Xiaomi has detailed a new Android TV-powered stick that you place into a TV’s HDMI port, essentially turning it into a smart TV. On top of that, which is already awesome, the price is listed at just 39.99€ (about $45). That’s essentially a no-brainer for anyone who doesn’t want to spend excess funds […]

We may get the official prices of Sony PS5 & Microsoft XSX next week

The next-generation gaming consoles will officially hit the shelves towards the end of the year. The major players are Japanese Sony and American Microsoft. As of now, these companies have officially confirmed the hardware specs of their consoles. In addition, we have official information on the design and some of the game lineup. However, the […]

Android 11 Beta 2: Here Are All the New Features

Google has released the second public beta version of Android 11, and it is focussed on bringing stability rather than introducing new features. However, the company is still bringing a few minor changes with the new release, and we’re going to list most of them here. 1. Tweaked Media Controls In Quick Settings In Android […]

In Case You Missed It, ASUS ROG Phone 3 Coming July 22

All you speed freaks, be sure to mark July 22 on your calendar. Should you have missed the news that happened right before the holiday weekend, that’s the day ASUS intends to unveil its next gaming phone, the ROG Phone 3. Official details are scarce, but from what ASUS has announced, the phone will be […]

Android 11 Beta 2 Is Out Now, Final Release Could Happen on September 8

The first public beta version of Android 11 was released one month ago. Today, Google has released Android 11 Beta 2, and it is available for compatible Pixel phones. For consumers, this means that there’s only one public beta left before the final version of Android 11 is released before the end of Q3 2020. […]