After banning Huawei and ZTE, Nokia threatens to abandon Indian operator

Just like the U.S., India is also banning Chinese companies on all fronts. As of now, no less than 100 Chinese owned apps will be banned in India. In June, the Indian government prohibited the use of Huawei and ZTE equipment in its network. However, banning Huawei and ZTE comes with its own backlashes. This […]

Samsung Opens Android 11, One UI 3 Beta for Galaxy S20

The Samsung news isn’t slowing this afternoon with word slipping out that the company is now accepting applications for a beta test of One UI 3 and Android 11. For Galaxy S20 owners, now is your chance to get to test Samsung’s software before anyone else sees it. This is actually a pre-beta test and […]

Which of Samsung’s New Devices are You Buying?

The line-up of devices that Samsung showed off today are nothing short of impressive. Their new Note 20 Ultra looks very much like the new king Android phone, the Tab S7+ makes me want an Android tablet for the first time in years, the Galaxy Watch 3 sure is pretty, and the Galaxy Buds Live […]

Leather backpack with USB port on sale from Lululook

Even though summer is clearly made for holidays, travelling and in general good time, this year we have been cut short thanks to the annoying pandemic issues. So for majority of us the travelling itself is really not that big of an option, thanks to the restrictions, quarantines and such. But that doesn’t mean we […]

Galaxy Note 20 Pre-Orders Up to $650 Off With Trade, Bonus $200 Credit

Once again Samsung has opened up reservations for its new phones and those reservations come with a bunch of promos you’ll want to take advantage of. For the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung is offering up to $650 off with trade-ins and rewarding you with up to a $200 credit to […]

Get some discounted cheap camping Lixada equipment

Summer is the ideal time to be spending your holidays outside and camping is just the embodiment of it. Just let loose in the nature, relax in your tent and live the rugged life for a while. Of course that doesn’t mean you have to give up all the luxuries of a civilization, just some […]

Great Liectroux C30B vacuum on sale soon again from Aliexpress

It’s a good times we are living in, because finally we can leave up some house chores to our trustworthy gadgets. Like the vacuuming and sweeping the floor can be fully left to the robotic cleaners, because the prices are also taking a nosedive. Nowadays it’s really not that expensive to buy a very advanced […]