Honor schedules IFA Berlin event for September 4

Huawei’s Honor may be quieter than usual due to all the problems caused by the US ban. However, the company is far from giving up the smartphone market and keeps exploring all the possible ways to bypass these restrictions. Although the company has lost access to Google Play Services, it keeps expanding its Huawei Mobile […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Unboxing and Tour!

The item – outside of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 – that most excited me from yesterday’s Samsung Unpacked event was the new watch. You guys know I love a good Samsung watch and the Galaxy Watch 3 was a must cop for me. Thankfully, they released it today in all sizes and colors, so […]

Realme X3 Pro passes by Geekbench with Snapdragon 855+

A couple of months ago, Realme introduced the Realme X3 and X3 SuperZoom to keep up with the successful X-series of smartphones. However, the company has been keeping the Realme X3 Pro variant as a mystery since now. While the X3 SuperZoom boasts amazing specifications, we still wait for a true successor the last year’s […]

Beware!!! OnePlus phones now have Facebook bloatware

For many Android users, it is no longer a big deal to tackle bloatware because it has been around for a while. However, this dubious act by manufacturers does not need to continue. Top phone makers like Samsung and Huawei usually leave users with little choice in this regard. While many users frown against this, […]

GMK NucBox palm-sized mini PC coming to Indiegogo

Rise of popularity of the mini PC models is not surprising, because nowadays you can really pack very powerful hardware into a tiny box. You will save plenty on the electric bill and it will also take pretty much zero space. But there are small mini PC models and then there are SMALL. The upcoming […]

The Android 11 Easter Egg

In the new Android 11 Beta 3 build that Google just released, the final beta before we reach stable, they updated the Easter egg. After continuing to show the Easter egg from Android 10 through all of these builds, we finally get to turn it up to 11. To access it, like all Android Easter […]

Android 11 Beta 3, the Final Beta, Now Available for Pixel Phones!

The final Android 11 Beta update is here as Beta 3 and you can run it right now on your Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, or Pixel 4. Google dropped the new build this morning, telling us that the next update will be the official and stable Android 11 release. Android 11 Beta 3 […]

Leaked Android Document Hints at Pixel 5a, Foldable Pixel, and More

Earlier this week, Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Since the past one year, Samsung is working towards making foldable displays mainstream. An internal document has now revealed that Google is working on a foldable Pixel device and is developing Android builds for Pixel 5a. The leaked document contains a list of operating systems […]

Google Pixel 5 Gets a Possible Launch Date From Google

The other day, Google made the Pixel 4a official in the few countries they plan to sell it. At that time, they also announced the Pixel 5 and a price for the Pixel 4a (5G) while telling us to expect each at some point in the fall. Well, that’s all they told us in the […]

Hey, It’s a Pixel 4a Unboxing

Google announced the Pixel 4a this week and we now have one to start toying around with. We’ll get to the review shortly, test the camera, see if our eyes and fingertips can adjust to its 60Hz display, and dream about fun colors that might never show up. We’ll do it all, just like we […]