Google Nest Audio smart speaker unveiled with a $99 price tag

On September 30, we had Google Day we have been waiting for! The company unveiled two new smartphones in the form of Pixel 4a 5G and the Pixel 5G. Moreover, it also revealed a new Chromecast with a Google TV software interface. Last but not least, the company unveiled a new Smart Speaker that joins […]

Google announces a new Chromecast with Google TV

We can say that September 30 we had the “Google Day” we have been waiting and COVID-19 has taken for us. Today, Google unveiled its 2020 Pixel smartphone contender in the form of Pixel 5 and a 5G variant for the Pixel 4a. Apart from new smartphones, the company also announced a brand new Chromecast […]

Pixel 5 and 4a 5G unveiled with Snapdragon 765G, 90Hz display and Android 11

The release of Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a is hardly a surprise right now. After all, these smartphones have been leaking a lot lately to the point that we knew basically everything about them before the launch. The most interesting details about the duo of devices are the presence of a 5G-enabled chipset, new […]

Google Photos Editor Changes Official, Rolling Out Today

In late August, it was leaked that Google was working on a new UI for the photo editor inside of Google Photos. Today, Google made the changes official, with rollout scheduled to start happening today! As for what’s new, Google has added a new tab right in the editor that uses machine learning to give users […]

Making Sense of Google’s Confusing Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G Launch

The Google event from earlier is done and over with, and after reading through everything I can find, I’ve been trying my hardest to figure out what in the hell Google is doing with this Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G launch. Making sense of the pricing, availability, the carrier situation, and network support has […]

Google’s Echo Rivalling Nest Audio Smart Speaker is Priced at $99

Google has finally launched the Nest Audio smart speaker alongside Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. The latest smart speaker is powered by Google Assistant and is positioned between Nest Mini and Nest Max. The Nest Audio smart speaker is priced at $99 and will be available starting October 5th. The Nest Audio smart speaker […]

Google TV Arrives to Replace Plenty of Established Google Platforms

Google made Google TV official this morning, essentially a reimagining of multiple services and platforms that have become established in the Google ecosystem over the years. Yes, Google TV is launching first with the new Chromecast, but Google TV is so much more than that. For starters, Google TV is not limited to just Chromecast, […]

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G renders reveal waterdrop notch display and Quad-camera setup

Samsung is running to bring more affordable smartphones with 5G connectivity. In fact, the company wants to bring 5G connectivity to its Galaxy A-lineup. The first step was given with the Galaxy A51 5G, and now the company is moving on to release a Galaxy A42 5G smartphone. Earlier this month, the company announced the […]

Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G Official and Launching Some Day Soon

The Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G were a big part of the “Launch Night In” event today, where Google also showed off a Chromecast with Google TV and Nest Audio speaker. Now that both are official, it’s time to talk about whether or not these pack enough goods at the right price to […]

Xbox Series X/S 1TB external storage device to cost 1699 yuan ($250) in China

We already know that the Microsoft Xbox Series X and S are on sale for $499 and $299 respectively. These consoles are selling out swiftly just like the competition (Sony PS5). The Xbox Series X comes with an in-built 1TB storage space. However, it is important for us to note that the available space for […]