Many Verizon Device Receiving Updates, Including Galaxy Note 20 Lineup

It’s updates galore over at Verizon again. This week, we have updates for the Motorola Razr, Galaxy S20 lineup, as well as the Galaxy Note 20 lineup. It appears most devices are receiving the September security patch, with exception to the Motorola Razr. It’s receiving the August patch, according to the changelog. The Galaxy S20 […]

Try YouTube TV for One Month and Get a Free Chromecast With Google TV!

Google literally announced the Chromecast with Google TV dongle this week, and already, they’re bundling it as a free gift to those who sign up for just a single month of YouTube TV. This means you’ll ultimately be paying $65 for the $50 device, but you’re getting the month+ of YouTube TV service with the […]

Verizon Up 50% Off Accessory Deal Gets You Galaxy Buds Live for $85

Should you happen to be a part of the Verizon Up program, a deal this month gets you 50% off select accessories. I didn’t spend a ton of time checking each participating accessory, because Verizon’s website is absolute trash, but a really good deal is 50% off the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. As a […]

For Your Wellbeing, Google Makes It Easier to Tell If Your Selfie Uses a Filter

Whether you knew this or not, Google claims that many cameras are secretly applying filters to your selfies, making you prettier than you actually are. I always thought that might be a good thing, but according to recent research done, it’s bad for our wellbeing. Dang it. To counteract this, Google is making a few […]

Newton Mail Gets Massive Update With Dark Theme, Feature Roadmap

Newton, the once-popular premium email app that has changed hands several times in recent years, most recently as it left Essential to be a part of a smaller ownership group, is finally getting its first huge update as a part of that group. Not only is the update itself big, Newton’s new owners are claiming […]

Pixel 5 is the Return to Form Google Needed

We have felt no shame in sharing our honest opinions for the last couple iterations of the Pixel smartphone lineup. To put it ever so bluntly, while the Pixel 3 was an okay phone, the Pixel 3 XL was a complete eyesore. Following those two devices, the Pixel 4 was a straight up bad phone, […]

Microsoft Released Surface Pro X With SQ2 Processor, Starting At $1499

The Redmond-based company, today, updated the Surface Pro X tablet equipped with an ARM processor. But it not only comes with a new SQ2 processor, also it has added the platinum color option. Moreover, the manufacturer said that the battery life can reach up to 15 hours. As a reminder, the previous model was delivering […]

Google’s Soli Radar, Pixel Neural Core, Face Unlock All Cut From Pixel 5

It wouldn’t be a Google phone launch without the tech world spending several days post-announcement running through a list of things to nitpick. With the launch of the Pixel 5, folks will undoubtedly find several areas to complain about, starting with what the company left out from last year’s Pixel 4 line. As was made […]

Google Pixel 5 wallpapers are already available for download

Yesterday, Google rolled out a couple of new smartphones, which became the first smartphones in the world with preinstalled Android 11. Together with the new software, Google has launched its first 5G smartphones, we are talking about the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5. The new smartphones come with 12 great new wallpapers. The native resolution […]

Save Your Money And Go For Google Pixel 4a 5G

Google launched two new devices: Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. The Pixel 4a 5G is the “5G version” which Google already hinted at the Pixel 4a launch earlier. We were expecting the Pixel 4a 5G to carry just a chipset upgrade with a 5G modem. However, to our surprise, Google Pixel 4a 5G comes […]