OnePlus Nord N10 5G receives IMDA certification, coming to Asia as well

OnePlus crossed an important door in 2020. Now, the company is more than just a company that produces premium smartphones. Now, it is ready to start competing in the multiple segments we have in the smartphone market. Earlier this year, the company unveiled the OnePlus Nord. Back in the last month, we got the confirmation […]

OnePlus: Nord N10 5G, N100 Will Only Receive One Major Update

US consumers are still waiting for the OnePlus Nord N10 5G and N100 devices to launch in the US. They’re the company’s low-cost options that deliver a similar software experience to the flagship devices, though, from what we’re learning this week, it’s actually not all that similar in terms of update support. In a statement […]

Two big Creality 3D printers heavily discounted

While the 11.11 shopping is in full swing, the craziness certainly intensifies. Billions of dollars are already spent on electronics, gadgets or just anything interesting. No category of goods is being exempted for the sale and 3D printers are of course highly sought commodity too. Today we have for you two 3D printer models from […]

Super cheap robotic vacuum cleaner ES300 only for $29.55

Do you still clean your floors traditionally or you already placed your trust in the robotic hands ? Maybe not literally hands, but the robotic vacuum cleaners rather. These gadgets are taking our homes by storm, because the prices of pretty solid models keep falling and falling. Today we have for you yet another proof […]

Google Pixel Phones Keep Unlimited High Quality Photo Uploads Perk

Everyone is (rightly) pissed about the Google Photos news from this morning, but if you own a Pixel phone, life might not be so bad. Google has confirmed that the entire Pixel line-up through the Pixel 5 won’t be impacted by the change that is eliminating free unlimited “High quality” photo uploads. In our lengthy […]

ELEPHONE 11.11 Crazy Shopping Day has begun

Today is the real nightmare day for all the wallets in the world, especially in the Asian countries. With the massive chinese 11.11 sales (aka Singles Day) billions of dollars will flow and people will go mad on a shopping spree. That means almost every brand prepared for the fans some kind of a special […]

JIMMY vacuum cleaners getting Singles Day discounts

Even though now all the rage are the robotic vacuum cleaners, many people still prefer the handheld ones. The control over the cleaning is surely much better and there are some very advanced cordless models out there too. Like those from the JIMMY brand, who are experts in the field and have plenty of very […]

Google is Ending Unlimited Free High Quality Storage on Google Photos

One of the biggest features that Google includes in Google Photos is without a doubt the unlimited storage for any photos you take under the “High quality” setting. It might be the draw to the service for those who takes tons of photos from device to device and don’t want to pay to be able […]