Google Fit Gets a Huge Revamp, Wear OS Gets Improvements Too

Google Fit has for far too long been a fitness tracking service without much depth, which is a problem for anyone serious about tracking their overall health profile. Today, Google is changing that some by pushing out a big overhaul to the Google Fit app and also bringing improvements to Wear OS. In the upgraded […]

OnePlus Finalizes List of IDEAS to Add to OxygenOS

OnePlus just wrapped up its IDEAS 2.0 program, where they asked OnePlus fans to submit ideas for their phones that could potentially be included in upcoming releases of OyxgenOS. After multiple rounds of submissions, the final list of “adopted” ideas has been released. This is what could be coming to OxygenOS! For those not familiar […]

Google Pixel 4a gets a new Barely Blue colorway

Google never was a company known for shipping fancy colored versions of its smartphones. However, nowadays, colored smartphones are a strong trend in the industry. After all, just black and white has become boring with time. Nowadays we have texturized backs, gradients, matte, and many other finishes to give a little more appeal to our […]

Samsung Galaxy A12 Appears on Samsung Official Support Page

At the beginning of this year, Samsung launched the budget Galaxy A11. Now the company is working on its successor that will be named Galaxy A12. Earlier the device had appeared on Geekbench, and currently, it has been listed on Samsung’s official support page. The Galaxy A12 was spotted on the company’s Russian support page. […]

Top 5 Best Chinese Phones for Under $500 – November 2020

We’re getting closer and closer to winter holidays – or Christmas for those who celebrate it, so you are probably planning on buying yourself a new daily driver to end on a positive note this very complicated year (to say the least). Thus, here’s where you’ll find the top 5 best Chinese phones for under […]

Apple reportedly began Foldable iPhone development, coming in 2022

The concept of foldable smartphones seems to be the “next big thing” for the smartphone industry. So far, most companies are struggling to enter this segment and only Samsung seems to have complete domain over the technology and its appliances. While Motorola already has two foldable devices, users can’t take it seriously due to the […]

Big Google Pay News Going Down Tomorrow

According to Google’s official YouTube account, we’re all about to say “hello” to the new Google Pay. A video on YouTube is set to premiere on Wednesday morning at 9:27AM Pacific (12:27 Eastern), with an announcement presumably scheduled for 9:30AM. Not much is known about what will be announced, but the detail’s description does give […]

OnePlus Buds Will Drop to Just $1 Tomorrow

Hey, so if you want to participate in a sh*tshow of an online sale, get ready for tomorrow’s deal on the OnePlus Buds. The company said today that they are going to drop their first true wireless buds to $1 and will let that sale rip until they sellout. Any guesses on how long that’ll […]