Verizon and AT&T Update a Bunch of Samsung Phones

Owners of Samsung devices on AT&T and Verizon sure are in for a special week, with updates rolling out for several models. AT&T is updating the Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy S10 line, Note 10+ 5G, and Note 20 line at the moment, while Verizon is updating all of its Galaxy S10 phones. None of the […]

Oppo X 2021 Tested to Withstand 100,000 Cycles of Curls

Oppo surprised us with a rollable smartphone concept called Oppo X 2021. The new concept features a retractable display that lets you adjust display size. The first question that came to our mind is durability. Now Oppo has assured that rollable display is durable and has been tested for the same. The Oppo X 2021 […]

Amazon Echo Frames (2nd-Gen) Smart Glasses now up for pre-orders

The market of smart wearable devices is trending as ever in 2020. The segment that comprises smartwatches, TWS devices is getting more customers even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, companies are exploring other products to catch a slice of this market. Among these products, we have smart glasses, a particular product that is yet to […]

Moto G 5G to become the cheapest 5G smartphone in India

We’re reaching the point where 5G in smartphones is inevitable. For the next year, we expect the number of devices featuring support for the fifth-gen network to double the current amount. Hardware with the new connectivity support is becoming cheaper and companies are starting to bring 5G to low-cost departments. There’s no way to prevent […]

Galaxy A02 passes by ANATEL certification in Brazil

Samsung revolutionized the smartphone market with the introduction of its Galaxy A and M-series. This year, the company is giving some further steps to expand the availability of its devices. That gave birth to the Galaxy A0-series composed of super affordable devices with a competitive price tag. The company already released a bunch of smartphones […]

Avenir Telecom launches the new Energizer U710S

Avenir Telecom, exclusive licensee for Energizer®  mobile phones worldwide and accessories, today announced the launch of their long lasting phone model Energizer U710S in certain markets. This new device is branded as the “ultimate” phone, mainly because of the giant display size. With this phone you won’t need a tablet, because 7.12-inch screen is effectively […]

Black Friday coming to Keysworlds – get Win 10 for free

Black Friday is a huge promotional event created by major retailers in the United States, which has since become one of the largest e-commerce events in the world, leading to the Christmas shopping season. Keysworlds  is no stranger to these big seasonal sales and is already preparing for this year’s shopping madness: From November 12th […]

Pavel Durov criticized the iPhone 12 Pro: iPhone 5 with a terrible camera

The founder of the social network VKontakte and Telegram messenger, Pavel Durov, suddenly attacked Apple’s latest generation of smartphones. He got the current flagship iPhone 12 Pro, which he called “an incredibly awkward piece of iron”, which feels like “an oversized version of the iPhone 5 from 2012 with a disgusting main camera block, where […]

LG files patent for a rollable laptop with 17-inch panel

Foldable smartphones are pretty much-established thanks to Samsung and its Z smartphone series. This niche segment is expected to become mainstream in the next year with more players joining it. However, not all companies believe that foldable displays are really the next big thing. Companies like LG and OPPO believe that rollable panels are better. […]