Upcoming Pixel Feature Tweaks Phone’s Audio EQ Based on Your Surroundings

Thanks to XDA’s Mishaal Rahman on Twitter, we’re learning that Google is preparing to make available a new feature for Pixel devices, one catered to those who use their phones for cranking good tunes. Called Adaptive Sound (no, not the same Adaptive Sound as found on Pixel Buds), this feature automatically adjusts your phone’s speaker […]

Leaked Picture Offers a Glimpse at Realme’s Upcoming “Race” Flagship

Realme is working on its next flagship device. Thanks to a new leak we now know that Realme’s next flagship will be called “Race”. It will come bearing a model number RMX2202 and will be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. The Realme Race is likely to be the first smartphone that is powered […]

Let’s Look at the Galaxy S21+

With no launch date in sight, we believe we already know exactly what the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will look like. We’ve seen renders of the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra through previous CAD renderings, but today we are getting the third in the range. Here is a supposed look at the Galaxy S21+. […]

Physics Puzzler ‘Donut County’ Comes to Android, Priced at $5

Donut County has finally arrived on Android! After years of exclusion, available on basically every single gaming platform known to man besides Android, the game’s publisher has decided to graced us with its release. While this is great for physics-based puzzle fans, I’m almost thinking of boycotting its release because they made us wait so […]

YouTube TV Gets WGN America Network, Home of NewsNation

YouTube TV subscribers are getting access to the WGN America network, meaning you’ll soon be able to start streaming NewsNation if you’re into that sorta thing. According to the announcement, it’s a multi-year deal, set to go live starting January 19, 2021. That’s when you’ll see the new stuff. We are extremely happy to have […]

Ultra thin tablet CHUWI SurPad performance test

CHUWI recently launched a new Android tablet named SurPad with the high portability as the main selling point. But of course the advanced features can’t … The post Ultra thin tablet CHUWI SurPad performance test appeared first on Gizchina.com. Via: gizchina.com

Is my campaign doomed without an AdWords Consultant?

If you are looking at digital marketing, an AdWords Consultant will make your life easier by freeing you up to focus on the essential matters of your business. The post Is my campaign doomed without an AdWords Consultant? appeared first on Prime Inspiration. Via: primeinspiration.com

5 Ways to Bring Your Home Into the 21st Century

The following five tips will ensure you can give your house a contemporary makeover that is ideal for the 21st century. The post 5 Ways to Bring Your Home Into the 21st Century appeared first on Prime Inspiration. Via: primeinspiration.com

COVID-19 Appears to Have Killed Any Hope for Galaxy Note Phones in 2021

According to sources of Reuters, it’s looking more likely that Samsung won’t be releasing new Galaxy Note phones in 2021, with the COVID-19 pandemic dissuading people from making high-end smartphone purchases. While this makes a ton of sense, it still totally sucks. In the report, which only renews the same rumor that’s been spreading since […]

Verizon Galaxy Z Fold 2, LG Velvet Get Updates With November Security Patch

Verizon is shipping a few updates out this week, nothing too notable, but still important for those who take having recent security patches seriously. The updates are for the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy A11, Galaxy A20, and the LG Velvet. What an odd group to talk about together. As for what’s inside, the Z […]