Poll: Who Made Your Current Phone?

In 2020, manufacturers sure released a bunch of good phones. OnePlus and Samsung both took their devices up a notch with S20 and 8 lines, but we also saw players like Motorola return to the flagship arena without embarrassing themselves. LG still made a couple of decent phones, Google did so in the weirdest way, […]

Pixel 2 XL is the Best Pixel of All Time, Right?

We said “Goodbye!” to continued software support for Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL yesterday, marking the end of life for a phone line that we’ll surely miss. Well, I can’t say that so much about the regular Pixel 2, a smaller HTC-made phone whose dated design didn’t win many of us over. I […]

Xiaomi Patents a Rollable Smartphone with a Secondary Display

Recently Oppo showcased its first smartphone with a rollable display. The Oppo X 2021 features a rollable display that adjusts to various sizes. LG is also said to be working on a rollable smartphone called LG Slide. Meanwhile, Xiaomi has now joined the race and has patented rollable smartphone to its name. The patent reveals […]

Ulefone Armor 10 5G passed all challenges in final factory test

New 5G rugged smartphone Ulefone Armor 10 5G is available in a hot sale now and the makers are making sure all the phones will be thoroughly tested. The tests need to be very rigorous, because of the rugged nature of the phone. And to prove the real durability and ruggedness of Armor 10 5G […]

Google Now Selling Refurbished Pixel 3 Phones for $249+

Google appears to be selling refurbished Pixel 3 devices via the Google Store, starting at a price of $249 for a 64GB model. Should you need more storage, a 128GB model is available for $279 with Just Black and Clearly White being the only available colors. According to the listings, these phones are guaranteed to receive […]

OnePlus Hosting Buy One, Get One 50% Off Deal on 8T and Buds Z

It’s Wednesday so that apparently means deal day from OnePlus. For this week’s sale, OnePlus has decided to run a BOGO promo on the OnePlus 8T and Buds Z. The deal isn’t a BOGO-free, but is instead buy one, get one 50% off. So you need to get two devices and one will be half […]