F150’s B2021 rugged smart goes on debut sale for $109.99

F150 might be the new kid on the rugged phone industry proverbial block but it is already raising eyebrows with its first product, B2021. The B2021 is set to make its global sales debut with a 45% discount promotion on 18th January. The first yellow rugged phone is believed to be priced at $199.99 but […]

Various Lenovo wireless earbuds on sale from Gearbest

Old classical quote is saying “everything is better with Bluetooth” and with the headphones and earphones, that can be mostly judged as a true statement. Wireless products from this category are currently the majority of sold units and moving forward it’s not going to change anytime soon. Especially with the prices falling more and more, […]

Google’s acquisition of Fitbit raises user privacy concerns

After a long antitrust investigation, Google officially acquired the wearable device brand Fitbit for $2.1 billion on January 14th. At present, Fitbit has sold more than 120 million devices worldwide and has a broad user base. According to Forbes, after the acquisition was announced, some users expressed concerns about their private information. Google is a […]

Many users report issues with charging the MacBook Pro

It is very common to have issues with gadgets from time to time. In many of these cases, the company will have to access the issue and release a fix. According to reports, the Apple MacBook Pro is currently facing some charging issues. As early as New Year Day (2021), there were reports that the […]

The price of the upcoming Honor V40 has been leaked

How is Honor doing after leaving Huawei protectorate? It seems that the first answer to this question will be possible within the launch of the Honor V40 line, which will be released next week. But there are already alarm bells. The company postponed the release of new products several times and for the last time, […]

Apple is gearing up to release all-new iMac computers

It looks like Apple is going to redesign many of its computers this year. Earlier we said that for the first time in many years the appearance of MacBook Pro laptops will change, but now there is similar news about other computers of the company – the iMac. Apple is gearing up to release all-new […]

Huawei P50 To Come With 120Hz Screen, 200x Binocular Zoom, etc.

Today, a Weibo blogger released a screenshot of a post from the Mate 40 series section. The content of the post is about the Huawei P50 series. A whistleblower who claimed to be a “company internal tester” said that the normal version of Huawei P50 series will use a 90Hz refresh rate, and the high-end […]

iPhone 13 Rumors Known Till The Date: January 2021

The iPhone 12 series has been announced just a couple of months ago. But people are already curious what a look and what new features the upcoming iPhone 13 models will come with. A well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that this year’s iPhone will have three variants: iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone […]

Apple Watch Can Detect Coronavirus Faster Than Symptoms Appear

At present, doctors mainly use the throat swabs to test for COVID-19. So using a smartwatch to detect the new coronavirus might sound amazing. Anyways, according to 9to5 Mac reports, two studies have shown that smart wearable devices such as the Apple Watch can detect seven days earlier the symptoms of the new coronavirus infection. […]

Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 and MateBook 13/14 2021 Announced

Today, following the schedule, Huawei released three 2021 notebooks: Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021, Huawei MateBook 13 2021, and Huawei MateBook 14 2021. All three notebooks are equipped with Intel’s 11th-generation processor. They also use an integrated graphics card or a MX450 independent graphics card. Moreover, they all come standard with a 2K/3K full touchscreen […]