I Miss Google Play Music’s Auto Cache Feature

I feel like this could be a running segment here at Droid Life, but there’s something that’s been grinding my gears about Spotify lately and that’s the fact that the Android app doesn’t auto cache the songs I listen to most. Google Play Music did and I miss that feature so, so much. It was […]

PDFBear: Your Top-Notch Converter Tool in 2021

PDFBear is a friendly tool that can easily be accessed by anyone looking for a safe platform to use for converting their files. So here are some interesting features you may be interested. The post PDFBear: Your Top-Notch Converter Tool in 2021 appeared first on Prime Inspiration. Via: primeinspiration.com

Oppo’s Latest Video Shows Working of Rollable Display on Oppo X 2021

Oppo is known for its innovative and outlandish features. The company is showing off its latest technologies and concept phones at the ongoing MWC Shanghai 2021. Yesterday Oppo showcased its air charging technology, and today we get to see Oppo X 2021 from closer quarters. Oppo X 2021 is a rollable concept smartphone. The company […]

Old Google Pay App, Website Become Useless on April 5

Say goodbye to the once amazing Google Pay app and website. Google has detailed this week that both will become unusable on April 5, with everything switching over to the new Google Pay app. Here’s exactly what happens on April 5. Starting on April 5th, the following features will no longer be available from the […]

OnePlus 9R might be the third device in OnePlus 9 family

OnePlus revolutionized its smartphone business last year by introducing more than flagship devices. Now, the brand has a regular flagship series and a bunch of mid-range devices under the OnePlus Nord series. This year, the company might give a step further to expand its smartphone portfolio by adding a third, probably cost-effective, flagship. In the […]

DEAL: Galaxy Note 20 Ultra for $925 on Amazon, Nearly $400 Off

For the next 13 hours, you can purchase a US Unlocked model of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra for just $925, down from its usual price of $1299. That’s nearly $400 off, which is solid savings on one of Samsung’s top devices. If you missed it, you can read our review here, but to make […]

MacBook Pro 2021 will come with HDMI port and SD card reader

The year started and Apple is already running to ensure that all its 2021 products will be ready on their respective launch windows. Today, a report brings news about the upcoming MacBook Pro. According to the report, Apple may add an HDMI port and an SD card reader to the devices. The new information comes […]

“OK, Google” has Been Broken on Wear OS for a Long Time, Mmmhmm (Updated)

“Where is the Wear team – do we have anyone here?” are the words of Dave Burke, Android’s VP of engineering, in response to a question two years ago at Google I/O about whether or not Wear OS was a dead platform. Burke followed up that question with jokes or a somewhat surprise confirmation about […]