Qualcomm ARM-based Computer SoC will bring High Performance Gold+ and Gold Cores

Apple surprised the world last year when it unveiled its macOS update offering support for ARM-based computers. That teased the arrival of a MacBook packing an ARM-based chip. The custom chip was unveiled in the last quarter of 2020 as Apple M1. It showed a significant jump in performance compared to Intel’s X86-based chips while […]

Pixel 6 Getting Centered Selfie Camera

A couple of tidbits were detailed this week concerning Google’s upcoming 2021 devices, which as of right now, includes the Pixel 5a and Pixel 6. They aren’t the splashiest of tidbits, but while we’re waiting for new devices to reach our hands, we’re thirsty for any type of Google device news. Coming from a teardown […]

Google Pixel 5a to debut on June 11

The Google Pixel 4A debuted last year as an affordable option over the original phone. It was rumored to come during Google I/O, but the event was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. For this year, we’re starting to see new rumors about new Google smartphones at this year’s developer conference. The search giant will […]

Sonos Roam is Super Portable and Costs $169

Sonos unwrapped its newest speaker today as the Sonos Roam, its most portable speaker to date. This also happens to be the most affordable from Sonos and comes in at $169. Packed with WiFi, multi-room listening capabilities, and voice controls, this is very much a Sonos speaker that could slot in with the rest of […]

Instagram Reels can share short videos directly to Facebook

Social media giant, Facebook, recently copied TikTok’s style and launched Instagram Reels. According to Facebook, some Instagram Reels creators in India will have the opportunity to share their short video clips on Facebook. Facebook will promote some users’ Reels videos in its main application information stream. The company will name this short video product “Reels on Facebook”. […]

Chromebooks Getting a Bunch of Sweet New Features for 10th Anniversary

Hey, Chromebooks and Chrome OS have been around for 10 years! To celebrate the occasion, Google is pushing out a special update that introduces a bunch of new features, including one that lets your phone connect more closely with your Chrome device. The update will arrive over the next few weeks as Chrome OS 89. […]