T-Mobile Basically Tells Us That Multiple Google Pixel Devices are Coming

The big news of the day is without a doubt the new partnership between T-Mobile and Google that will bring the search giant’s services and hardware closer to millions of wireless subscribers. The RCS, Google One, and YouTube TV tie-ins that were announced are big, of course, but the mentions from T-Mobile about Google Pixel […]

T-Mobile and Google Team Up for Big Pixel, RCS, and YouTube TV Moves

In one of the most unexpected Monday announcements, T-Mobile and Google just dropped all sorts of big partnership news on us. T-Mobile has turned into the ultimate Google fanboy, which means all of the Google products and services are coming your way, T-Mo customer. Going forward, T-Mobile plans to switch all of their Android phones […]

Realme V13 5G revealed in all glory ahead of March 31 launch

Realme ended 2020 once again as the world’s fastest smartphone brand. The company grew in popularity due to its wide amount of cost-effective smartphones bringing decent specifications to the low and mid-tier segments. The company, for example, was one of the first brands to bring AMOLED displays to the mid-range class. It also bet on […]

I Don’t Want to Buy a Giant Phone, But That’s All There Is

I just wrapped up my review of the OnePlus 9 Pro, and as I do after every phone review, I take a second and ask myself, “Do I want to buy this phone for personal use?” The answer is, no, but not because of the price or software or camera or even the below-average battery […]