Samsung smartphones support eSIM cards for the first time in the U.S.

Currently, only the Apple iPhone series and Google Pixel smartphones support eSIM cards in the United States. Although Samsung phones already support this function on the hardware, it is not yet active for use. Recently, T-Mobile took the lead in providing eSIM card support for Samsung mobile phones. The first Samsung smartphone to receive support is […]

Google Voice Assistant to support driving assistance in 6 countries

Google recently launched a new version of its Google Voice Assistant globally. This new update comes with driving assistance support for more countries and regions. This Google Voice Assistant driving support has been available but only in the U.S. For many months, the automatic navigation and automatic driving function of Google’s voice assistant have been […]

Most Interesting Features Coming Our Way From Android 12

With every iteration, the Android operating system become better and better. The upcoming Android 12 is not going to be an exception. Recently, Google announced the Developer Preview 2. So developers can already test their products with this new system and let Google know what bugs they find. Briefly About Android 12 Generally, Android 12 […]

Hey OnePlus 8, I’d Buy You in Green for $420

The OnePlus 8, last year’s secondary high-end phone from OnePlus, is discounted again today, only this time at Woot. Instead of the $400 you might have paid earlier in the week, you’ll now pay $419.99 if you are still interested. The sale this time is on the OnePlus 8 unlocked model with 8GB RAM, 128GB […]

Microsoft Teams app now supports macOS system audio sharing

According to recent reports, the macOS version of Microsoft Teams now supports the system audio sharing function. Previously, this feature was limited to the Win10 version. Users can share system audio with the other party during video calls and live broadcasts. This makes it convenient for watching videos and playing music simultaneously. Recall that there have […]

Huawei will release mysterious new car-related products on April 20

Huawei will hold a press conference at Huawei’s global flagship store in Shanghai on April 20. Huawei’s consumer business CEO, Yu Chengdong, will make an appearance at the press conference. From the reports so far, the conference may be “the heavyweight press conference in Huawei’s history”. In addition, there are reports that the company will […]