Another Hint the Pixel 6 Will Have Google “Whitechapel” Chip

The Google Pixel 6 is still the story of the year in my mind. To think that Google (or any company) could finally ditch Qualcomm and use a different mobile chipset in the US is huge news. I couldn’t even tell you the last time we saw anything but a Snapdragon chip in a meaningful […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite receives 3C certification with 44W charging

Samsung is well known for its Galaxy Tab series of tablets. The company unveiled a duo of flagship tablets last year in the form of Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+. Now, the rumors are suggesting the arrival of a new Galaxy Tab S7 Lite which is also rumored to be called Galaxy Tab S7+ Lite. […]

Google Isn’t Playing With Roku Anymore Over YouTube TV Fight

If you thought we would head into the weekend without any drama, Google and YouTube are here to spice things up. In their ongoing battle with Roku, Google has apparently decided it wants to test how far Roku will take their fight over YouTube TV. Today, Google announced that it will add a YouTube TV […]

Next Big OnePlus Update Could Introduce a Theme Store

Is a theme store the software feature from OnePlus you thought to be the missing piece? I hope you thought that, because OnePlus is bringing you one with the next big update to their OxygenOS skin. Well, they said they were bringing one, but now they are only exploring. In a forum post this week, […]

Google Photos Brings the Share Tab Back

Google Photos is one of the greatest app creations of all time. It impresses me in some way almost every day, whether that’s through a weird search that finds exactly what I wanted, the surfacing of memories at just the right time, its organization skills, or the way it allows people to easily share photos […]

How About a Google Pixel Stand for 50% Off?

The Google Pixel Stand is down to $39.99 today, one of its best prices to date. Providing both smarts and wireless charging for supported Pixel phones, this is one of the few unique accessories for Google’s line of phones, but it’s normally so expensive that you probably haven’t considered buying one. Today might be your […]

Realtek sees record profits in Q1 2021: Report

Realtek Semiconductor has just registered a record profit in the first quarter of this year. The news arrives as the Networking IC design specialist saw its net profits climb to a new high for the fourth consecutive quarter. According to a DigiTimes report, the chip maker recorded net profits of 3.06 billion New Taiwan Dollars […]

Future Samsung Galaxy Z Flip model might feature the S Pen: Report

Samsung is gearing up for the launch of two new foldable smartphones later this year. This includes the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3. As per certain reports, the former is expected to feature support for the S Pen, and now, it seems like the future models of the latter might […]