Motorola Moto 360 (3rd gen) has its specs revealed by Flipkart

Motorola made its name in the market of smart wearables with the release of the Moto 360. While most companies were sticking with square display, Motorola revolutionized the market by bringing a circular smartwatch that looked just like a traditional smartwatch. Nowadays, circle form factors are pretty much common, but Motorola owns the credit of […]

Redmi Note series hit 200 million sales worldwide

The Redmi Note series is still one of the most popular lineups among Xiaomi smartphones. The mid-range smartphone series has conquered the world in recent years due to the affordable pricing, decent hardware, and cameras, and great battery life. The Note series was introduced in 2014 with the Redmi Note that acted more like a […]

Qualcomm to Offer Regular Neural Net API Updates for Android

Qualcomm announced today that starting later this year, in partnership with Google, it will start offering regular updates for the Neural Net API (NNAPI) on Android devices. These updates are detailed to come to Snapdragon-powered devices via Google Play Services updates, applied automatically in the background on your device. Those are fancy words. What does […]

Latest Google Pixel 6 Pro Leak Shows off the Device in Its Full Glory

It has become a norm for Google products to leak several times before launch. Earlier this month, we got our first glimpse at the upcoming Pixel flagship. Today OnLeaks has shared new renders that show off Pixel 6 Pro in its full glory. Google Pixel design has remained largely unchanged since the past few iterations. […]

MWC 2021 Barcelona Physical Conference will still happen in June

The Mobile World Congress was one of the biggest trade fairs for enthusiasts in the smartphone industry. Last year, we have been surprised by an unexpected global pandemic. It forced governments to push forward quarantine and isolation policies. This basically delayed most of 2020 public events, the MWC 2020 was no exception. Now that the […]

New Pixel 6 Pro Renders: That’s More Like It

We have been dying to learn more about Google’s upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices, especially after we got our first possible glimpse at the devices via very unofficial 3rd-party renders. This week, we have new renders, this time from @OnLeaks, who as many know carries a solid reputation when it comes providing […]

DEAL: Galaxy Buds+ at $99 on Amazon is Solid ($50 Off)

One of my favorite sets of wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds+, are available for just $99 over on Amazon today. That’s $50 off of the usual price. Score! What makes these buds so darn good? The battery life, for one. These things will last forever, with the specs listing at least 11 hours of nonstop […]

Google Details Matter for Smart Home Devices, the New Industry Standard

Google is looking to really simplify the smart home experience, not solely for buyers of its own branded products, but virtually all smart home device users. Introduced this week is Matter, a new protocol that Google has developed with other leading tech companies, designed to be the new industry standard for devices. Here’s a mission […]

DEAL: Pixel Stand at $37 Seems Pretty Good

For a limited time over on Woot, you can snag Google’s Pixel Stand wireless charger at just $37.99 (down from usual $79), designed to charge your Pixel devices at speeds deemed appropriate by Google. That’s not all the Pixel Stand does, though. When placed on the Pixel Stand, your supported device essentially turns into a […]