Clubhouse for Android stable version officially launched

Since the launch of the popular audio chat application, Clubhouse, it has been a sensation. Many bigger applications have been copying its operations. However, Clubhouse keeps growing stronger. At the launch of this social app, it was only available for desktop and iOS. However, there was no Android version. Nevertheless, everything changes with time. A few […]

Redmi Note 10 series to support NFC 3.0

Redmi officially announced that the Redmi Note 10 series will be released live on May 26 at 14:00. The company has been teasing several features of this upcoming series. The latest teaser shows that the Redmi Note 10 series will use a top NFC function. According to Redmi, this series will come with NFC 3.0. This […]

Top 10 revenue generating-smartphones for Q1 2021 – Huawei has a spot

The global smartphone revenue for the first quarter of 2021 exceeds $100 billion which is quite a fortune. Of course, the major manufacturers have a huge chunk of this revenue and set a quarterly record. According to Counterpoint, Apple’s iPhone 12 series accounts for one-third of the entire smartphone industry’s revenue in the first quarter of […]

Google YouTube now supports 4K/60FPS video playback on Apple TV 4K

Google YouTube has enabled 4K/60FPS video playback for its Apple TV application. This is better than the previous 30FPS Upper limit. YouTube launched 4K support for its Apple TV application in October last year. However, the playback feature had a 30FPS limit to the disappointment of many users. As the new Apple TV 4K is […]