Gmail With “BIMI” Means More Logos

Gmail announced this week that BIMI is inbound in a more widespread capacity, which for us consumers, means more logos in place of letters when you see a new email pop into your inbox. BIMI is Brand Indicators for Message Identification, which not only allows companies to include a logo when they send out emails, […]

Verizon Home Internet Gets Big Expansion, Fancy New Router

Verizon announced a big expansion of its home internet service today in both the 4G LTE and 5G varieties. In addition to the larger footprint and availability, a new router will also soon be able to take advantage of all that C-Band spectrum they bought recently, bringing with it quality mid-band 5G service down the […]

Speedtest App Gets Video Streaming Test

Ookla has introduced a new feature for its Speedtest app, a dedicated video streaming tester. If you’re a cord cutter and need to test what your network is capable of, this is for you. According to Ookla, “Taking a video test will give you valuable information to help you optimize your video streaming experience.” For […]

Verizon’s New Spam Call Filter is Your New Best Friend

In recent years, as the number of spam and robocalls have flooded my phone lines, I started to notice a pattern. Many of them showed up with an area code and middle 3-digits that matched my own phone number. It was obvious that this was a trick to get you thinking that the call could […]

OnePlus Posts Further Clarification on Throttling of OnePlus 9 Lineup

If you missed it last week, news broke that OnePlus has been throttling the Snapdragon 888 processor on the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. Once details of that came to light, OnePlus played it pretty cool, releasing a small statement. From said statement, we gathered that OnePlus is merely attempting to ensure that the […]

ZTE Blade V30 Leak Reveals Key Specifications, Price

ZTE is adding yet another new device to its Blade series. The Blade lineup is known for smartphones that offer a great bang for the buck. Tipster Sudhanshu Ambhore has revealed that ZTE is prepping Blade V30, and the latest device would cost €200. The tipster also revealed key specifications for the device, including color […]

Xiaomi should unveil the Mi 12 in December with a powerful camera

The announcement of the Xiaomi Mi 12 is still far away, but insiders have already set about predicting what the flagship will be like. The word was taken by the well-known informant Digital Chat Station, who said that the announcement of Xiaomi Mi 12 is expected at the end of the year and its code […]

Huawei engineers are working on a new self driving bicycle

Huawei is apparently working on a new autonomous product. Although, this one isn’t a car or a larger vehicle, rather, it is a self driving bicycle that can be operated even when it is unmanned. The Chinese tech giant’s engineers have been working on a new bike that can maintain its balance even on the […]

vivo Y20A, vivo Y20G price in India hiked by up to ₹1,000

Handset maker vivo launched the vivo Y20A and Y20G in India in January. The former made its debut first. It was announced at the end of December 2020. Now six months later, the company has increased the price of these two budget smartphones. Vivo Y20A According to a tweet by Abhishek Yadav (@yabhishekhd), vivo has […]