Enter the Android Auto Beta Test Now

There’s a new beta in town. This time, it’s for Android Auto, but should you choose to give yourself over to the beta and its ever-tempting power, do note that Google says, “testing versions can be less stable and some features might not work properly.” That’s the usual fine print with betas, but yeah, be […]

Samsung Will be First to Use Corning’s New Gorilla Glass DX for Cameras

Corning announced Gorilla Glass DX for smartphone cameras this week, with Samsung detailed as being the first to use the new scratch resistant glass. According to Corning, these new Gorilla Glass composites will not only provide mobile device camera lens covers with enhanced scratch resistance and durability compared to traditional coatings, but also improved optical […]

Wear OS 3 Upgrade News is Bad News for Fossil’s Upcoming Watches (Updated)

After reading today’s news from Google about the devices that will be eligible for the upgrade to Wear OS 3, it sure sounds like Fossil got out ahead of itself some. A few weeks back, the fashion wearable maker was all-in on its next watch “launching with the [new Wear] unified platform,” but that doesn’t […]

OnePlus Adding Option to Disable Throttling in OxygenOS 12, Like We Suggested

For those not following along, it came to light rather recently that OnePlus is sneakily optimizing phones. Sadly, it’s not the good kind of optimizing, and if we’re being honest here, that word has ben completely bastardized by the smartphone/tech industry. Long story short, OnePlus is throttling performance of the world’s most popular apps on […]

Google Confirms Watches Eligible for Upgrade to Wear OS 3 and When Its Coming

Alright, we have some clarity, folks. Google just announced more details regarding the update to Wear OS 3 for current watches on the market, as well as those coming here in the near future. Google confirmed that watches running the Snapdragon Wear 4100 will be eligible to be upgraded, so that means the Mobvoi TicWatch […]

OnePlus Buds Pro are Here and They are Hot

After releasing several pairs of middle-of-the-road earbuds, OnePlus is bringing its first serious pair to the market this year. The OnePlus Buds Pro are official and not only do they look hot, OnePlus is promising that they’ll bring all the features at a competitive price. The OnePlus Buds Pro are the first from OnePlus to feature […]

OnePlus Nord 2 Brings Solid Upgrades to Last Year’s Original Model

The OnePlus Nord 2 is official as the follow-up to one of our favorite phones from last year that you likely would have considered if it was sold in the US. Unfortunately again, the Nord 2 won’t come here, but it’s still worth a quick look to see how impressive a mid-range offering can be. […]

Google Maps Launches New “Mass Transit Crowdedness Predictions” Feature

If you remember in 2019, Google Maps introduced an interesting feature dubbed mass transit crowdedness predictions. It provides valuable information about how crowded a bus, train, or tube would be before the commuters got on it. This is quite helpful because it allows them to plan their daily commute accordingly. Initially, this feature went live […]

PHANTOM X flagship illustrates the impact of bold design through series of mini films

In celebration of the TECNO Mobile launch of its sub-brand PHANTOM, a series of partnerships have been forged with renowned creators, featuring a storytelling showcase of what it takes to be Bold and Extraordinary in the worlds of fashion, art, and sustainable design. TECNO Mobile has launched PHANTOM, a bold sub-brand in TECNO’s latest chapter […]