Google has Some Cool Features Coming to Pixel 6’s “At a Glance”

The “At a Glance” thing that sits at the top of the main home screen on a Pixel phone is certainly not my favorite feature on Google’s devices, but I can also appreciate that some find it incredible helpful. I’m also open to the idea that Google can further improve it, so that I will stop […]

DEAL: Pixel 5a is Only $349 at Google Fi ($100 Off!)

Someone in your life bust their smartphone and need something to get them through the holidays? Or maybe you yourself are the klutz? How about a sweet smartphone stocking stuffer? Regardless of your circumstance, Google Fi is offering $100 off the Pixel 5a, bringing its total down to only $349. That’s a really good deal. […]

As Expected, Wear OS Market Share Leaps Into Existence Thanks to Samsung

Google is likely readying its Christmas card list, with Samsung hopefully near the top, with data suggesting that it’s a safe assumption that Wear OS would be a distant memory if it wasn’t for the latest Galaxy Watches. Hate it or love it, Wear OS is very much alive and well thanks to Samsung. According […]

The Google Pixel 6a Begins Its Life in Renders

The Google Pixel 6 is already a month old, so why not change the subject for a minute and start talking about the Pixel 6a, a follow-up phone that could arrive early next year and with a re-styled exterior to match its higher-end siblings. Pixel 6a renders are here. The first rendered images of this […]

Tesla car users worldwide locked out of their cars – Ford mocks Tesla

Tesla’s electric cars are currently the most advanced products in the industry, but sometimes they also have some minor problems. Recent reports show that Tesla electric car users around the world were shut out of their cars last Friday due to a server error. Tesla Motors supports the use of a bound iPhone to unlock the […]

Details and renders of the Oppo Reno7 series

The Oppo Reno7 series will premiere on November 25 in China. It will include three models, where, in addition to the base one, it will consist of Oppo Reno7 Pro and Oppo Reno7 SE. Acceptance of pre-orders for new items has started on the platform and this made it possible to find out more […]

Sony publishes PlayStation 5 case design patent – prohibit third parties

Game Rant reports that in recent months, Sony has been applying for patents for its PlayStation 5 hardware and software. This hints at Sony’s potential for future improvements in services and technology. Some of Sony’s recent patents include a multi-GPU system for cloud gaming. This feature is designed to enhance graphics capabilities when playing cloud […]

Rumors about the December announcement of Honor 60 are confirmed

Honor is a brand that is trying to rise from its knees and strives to stand on a par with other Chinese companies. The company is busy filling the lineup and will soon present the Honor 60. Today it decided to inform the general public about the time of the announcement of the new series. […]