Samsung Confirms Unpacked for February, Galaxy S22 Reservations Start Tomorrow

Samsung has confirmed this week that its next Unpacked event will take place in February (a couple of weeks away) and fans should get ready for the “ultimate Ultra experience.” Typically, Samsung would give us an actual day the event is to take place, but maybe due to COVID they’re keeping it fluid right now? […]

Google Play Games Beta for PC Launches Outside of US

Late last year, Google announced Google Play Games for the PC platform, allowing gamers to enjoy their favorite mobile titles on their desktop and laptop computers. This week, Google has launched a beta for this, but sadly, it’s not for users in the US. The beta is currently limited to PC users in Taiwan, South […]

Google Rolls Back Nest, Assistant White Noise Change Following Widespread Complaints

One of Google Assistant’s features helps you relax after exhausting activities by playing soothing sounds, called white noise, on your Nest speaker and other devices with speakers. The company has now rolled back an update to the feature after widespread user complaints. Recently, the search giant changed the white noise sound. People listen to the […]

Apple says being able to stay on iOS 14 has been a temporary solution

Last week it became known that Apple stopped releasing security updates for iOS 14, thereby pushing everyone who uses an older version of the system to upgrade to the current iOS 15. This can be considered a violation of the promise to allow users to stay on iOS 14, which the company made during the […]

Apple drops the price of Android smartphones in the trade-in program

As you probably know, Apple has a program that allows you to exchange your old smartphone for a brand new iPhone for a fee. The amount of the surcharge directly depends on which mobile device the user wants to exchange. It is quite logical that iPhone owners can exchange an old smartphone for a new […]

Realme GT Neo 3: specifications of the future hit

Realme is one of the most productive manufacturers. The company got a taste and is actively increasing its presence in the smartphone market. At the start of this year, the company started off briskly with the release of the Realme GT 2 series. There are plans to release the Realme 9 line, as well as […]

This is why not all flagships have a telephoto lens

In the flagship smartphone segment, the rule is the presence of a telephoto lens or a zoom periscope, which allows you to take close-up shots. But not all flagships offer such a sensor as part of the main camera. For example, it is not available in the OnePlus 9, iPhone 13 and Google Pixel 6. […]

Realme 9 Pro will offer a balance between price and features

There were expectations that the Realme 9 series would debut towards the end of 2021, but the company decided otherwise and the announcement was postponed to 2022. The firstborn of the line – Realme 9i is already available in Vietnam and India, now the company is preparing to introduce Realme 9 Pro and Realme 9 […]