Telegram Adds Video Stickers, New Reactions, and Crushes Bugs

Telegram is pushing a new update out to users, available on all of its supported platforms. This is always great news, as Telegram has been the exclusive messaging platform for us here at Droid Life for a while now. I even got my whole family using it after dragging them off of Hangouts/Chat not too […]

Google Sold a Record Amount of Pixel Phones Last Quarter

Alphabet released its fourth quarter 2021 results today and there is big Pixel-related news out of it. Company CEO, Sundar Pichai, called out the “quarterly sales record” for the Pixel line-up, likely thanks to the launch of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. At the time of this post, Google has not released more […]

OnePlus 10 Pro May Not Launch With New Unified OS After All

Alongside OnePlus’ announcement that the one-time buzzworthy brand for enthusiasts would become a sub-brand of OPPO, the company’s CEO announced that one of the biggest changes to look forward to would be a big Android OS skin update. They referred to this at the time as a “unified and upgraded operating system” that would merge […]

The Gmail You Use for Work is Getting a Refresh Thanks to Chat and Meet

Google is continuing to evolve Gmail as we know it, especially for those who use it within a Workspace account, which used to be GSuite and is the version of Gmail used by work professionals. In a note posted yesterday, Google laid out upcoming plans to further tweak the Gmail web UI to make it […]

Monzo Exits Beta, Now Open to Everyone in US

If you were once like me, you had a Simple bank account and you really enjoyed it. Then, the dark times came, when Simple shut down forever and forced all of its users to either join the BBVA overlords or go off into the desert in search of a new home. It’s no surprise that […]

Sneak a Peek at Upcoming Android Auto UI Refresh

Reports of a refreshed interface for Android Auto have been circulating since last September, with screenshots being posted and words being compiled to detail what would be changing. This week, we’re getting a really good look at what Google’s been working on, thanks to a user on reddit. An individual who goes by the name […]

Apple’s iPhone 14 is the most anticipated smartphone release of 2022

A new study from Mozillion reveals the new smartphone releases that people are most excited for, from the new Apple iPhone model, to the latest iteration of the Samsung Galaxy. The research revealed that 2022’s most hotly anticipated smartphone is the iPhone 14. Likely to arrive in September 2022, just like September 2021’s release of the […]

Xiaomi Doesn’t Yield Its Position In Indian Smartphone Market

Recently, CounterPoint released its latest report concerning the Indian smartphone market. It turns out the shipment of the mobile phone in India grew 11 percent year over year and reached 169 million units in 2021. What’s interesting, in the last month of the past year, the sales dropped by 8 percent year over year because […]

Meta Introduces New 3D Avatars for Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger

Meta and the social media platforms it owns have constantly added new features to ensure they stay competitive, relatable, and relevant. In a recent blog post, the parent company describes new features included in Instagram stories alongside some additions to Facebook and Messenger. To begin with, Instagram users will be able to enjoy using 3D […]