Google Messages Might Get a Freakin’ Navigation Drawer Again

Google is so weird, man. After taking away all of the navigation menus from almost every single important app it serves, evidence pointing to a navigation menu returning has arrived. And we aren’t talking about Google testing an old school menu on a goofy app like Duo. No, we’re talking about Google Messages, one of […]

RiotPWR’s ESL Controller Makes Mobile Gaming Easy and Fun

These days, there is no shortage of fantastic mobile games, especially if you’re into genres like racing, FPS, and RPGs. With the cloud gaming scene growing on top of native Android titles, the world of mobile gaming continues to explode. It’s a seriously good time to play video games on your mobile phone. To take […]

Google Lets Customers Know Their $80 Pixel Stand Finally Charges Fast

Google sold a record amount of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones last quarter, and that’s cool. They also had a pretty rocky December in the software update department that frustrated Pixel fans, who voiced those frustrations loudly. A big December update was supposed to bring several improvements to Google’s new fast-selling phones, one […]

How to get started in the electronics field?

Different electronics devices have become an integral part of our lives. We cannot start our day and end our day without any of the electronic systems. This high demand brings a huge opportunity for the youngsters to find a full-time job in this field. For that reason, we bring the best ways to get started […]

Material You Customization App Repainter Now Listed on Google Play Store

Android 12 features a dynamic theming engine called “Monet,” but it doesn’t let you tweak the colors it picks from the current wallpaper. Repainter is an app that helps customization enthusiasts work around this issue and use custom colors across the user interface (UI). “Monet” is a dynamic theming engine baked into Android 12. Google […]

Google Chrome 98 Stable Update fixes 27 security issues

Yesterday, Google officially released the stable version of Chrome 98 to the public. This is in line with Google’s four-week release schedule for stable updates. The previous Chrome 97 brought the controversial Keyboard API. Browsers like Firefox and Safari announced that they will not support the API. To check the installed version on Chrome, go to […]

All three Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 models revealed by European retailers

Quite a lot is already known about the flagship Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablets. A new leak reveals retail prices for all three devices in the series. Despite the fact that the tablets will be presented in more than a week, several European retailers have already opened pre-orders for the new devices. The Galaxy Tab […]

What user interface will OnePlus 10 Pro get in the global market

After OnePlus and Oppo teamed up, they headed towards creating a unified firmware. Already it seems, like the name they came up with is H2OOS. Particularly, there are rumors that the new shell is about to be released and may debut in the global version of the OnePlus 10 Pro. But a network insider with […]

POCO X4 Pro 5G may be a big disappointment compared to its predecessor

Poco X3 Pro was released last year, which was ideologically close to the first Pocophone F1, offering hardware close to the top at a nice price. This was the main feature of the smartphone, which allowed it to become popular. But in the case of the successor – the POCO X4 Pro 5G, the number […]