Chrome Icon Gets Radical Makeover

In the latest Canary build for Google’s Chrome browser, the company introduced an updated icon. As seen above, Google spared no expense at giving the updated icon a very nice, clean aesthetic. Compared to 2008’s Simon-lookalike logo, I think this is pretty good. According to a Chrome designer who detailed the change via Twitter, quite […]

Apple iPhone SE 3 release date revealed

The iPhone SE 3, which will premiere this spring, will be better than its predecessors in terms of performance. But at the same time, it should cost significantly less. And the low price is explained by Apple’s desire to please as many users as possible and spur mass migration of users from Android to iOS. […]

Here is the flagship smartphone with the most bugs in 2021

A plethora of flagship smartphones was released in 2021 and they all have their highs and lows. The decision to purchase any flagship is solely the decision of the buyer. However, there are some reviews and suggestions that help the buyer make a choice. Flagship smartphones are usually expensive, thus, manufacturers pay more attention to […]

Top 4 intense questions and answers regarding Facebook & its business

Meta (Facebook’s parent company) has been in the news for multiple reasons in recent times. Its unaudited financial results for the fourth quarter and full year of fiscal 2021 ended December 31. According to the report, Meta’s revenue in the fourth quarter was $33.671 billion, an increase of 20% compared with $28.072 billion in the […]