Google Assistant Coming to Wear OS 3, Galaxy Watch 4 as Stand-Alone App

Samsung announced yesterday that Google Assistant was still “months” away from launching on its Galaxy Watch 4 line, and yeah, that news is pretty disappointing to hear knowing these watches are already 6 months old. However, Google has told us a bit of additional news related to Assistant’s launch on Wear OS 3 and it […]

Can The Steam Deck Corner Its Market?

Whenever a new gaming platform comes to market it’s an exciting time for consumers, not only does it often push the boundaries of what other devices are capable of but offers something different to break the mold or continue long-existing standards. Whilst it’ll be hard for any new platform to outperform the mobile market with […]

Samsung devices will get four Android updates and five years of security patches

For a number of users, the iPhone is not just a smartphone, but a fashion and a symbol of wealth and superiority. Objectively, it costs unreasonably much, it looks classic and innovations cannot be found. But where Apple excels is marketing and support. The company releases iOS updates consistently and for a long time. One […]

Oppo Find X5 Lite is the closest thing to a well-balanced mid-ranger

Already this month, Oppo will introduce the Find X5 flagship line. The new device will offer all the technologies available today. Users will get devices with the best screens on the market, the most powerful hardware and an advanced camera. But not everyone needs maximum technology for a high price. For those who want a […]

The acquisition of ARM by NVIDIA has been abandoned

Update: Nvidia and Softbank announced the abandonment of buyout in a press release. There will be no acquisition of ARM by NVIDIA It was a gigantic project carried by Nvidia for more than a year. The acquisition of ARM from the Softbank group for 40 billion dollars (since revalued to 75 billion dollars following the […]