Verizon Outage Affecting All of Georgia, Other Areas

We’re hearing from readers, and confirming via Down Detector, Verizon is down essentially across the entire state of Georgia. Verizon hasn’t yet made a statement, but we can see that the official Verizon Support account on Twitter is working overtime, fielding all of the incoming complaints. The outage appears to affect calls, texts, and mobile […]

Google Messages is the Default on the Galaxy S22

When setting up this Galaxy S22 Ultra review unit last week, I noticed that Google Messages was set as the default out of the box. I thought, “That’s cool, one less thing to change” and moved on. I should have told you guys it seems, as tech media has decided this morning that it is […]

Verizon’s 5G Home Internet is Soon Expanding to New Markets

Did anyone catch that awesome Cable Guy ad during the “Big Game” last night? Not-so-great movie, but funny commercial. If you didn’t see it, the commercial has Jim Carrey reprise his role as “Cable Guy,” an obsessive, creepy individual who has a hard time not stalking his customers. However, once he learns that a particular […]

Android 13 Allows You to Run a Windows 11 Virtual Machine on Your Smartphone

One aspect where operating systems for computers have always triumphed over their mobile counterparts is the support for advanced utilities such as virtual machines. Android 13’s Developer Preview 1 released last week could change that for the better. At first glance, Android 13 appears to be an incremental improvement from Android 12, with improvements ranging […]

iPhone SE3 lands on Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database

Over the past few weeks, there have been several speculations regarding the iPhone SE3. The company will officially release this smartphone at its upcoming spring new product launch conference. Some time ago, there were reports that the LCD display on Apple’s new iPhone SE3 is in mass production. From the schedule, it may not be […]

Tesla is the most searched car brand in the world, study shows

A new study by found that Tesla is the most searched car brand in the world. According to reports,, founded in 2002, is one of the most well-known data comparison agencies in the world. The major aim of this company is to help customers solve their doubts. The site’s researchers found that Google search […]

Apple is sued again over 3D user interface patents

Apple is a very large company that works with multiple technologies. Thus, it is not surprising that the company has to cope with multiple litigations annually. The latest court case that it will have to deal with is the one from SpaceTime3D. The company claims that app multitasking and Safari tabs on the iPhone, iPad, and […]