Verizon’s +play is a Hub for All Those Damn Streaming Services of Yours

There was a shift a few years back to a world of streaming, where many decided that cutting off overpriced cable was a smart move and that subscribing to select services that you actually use was worthwhile. I’m not so sure the cost-cutting is there any longer, but we’re all streaming more than ever. Verizon […]

OSOM Shares Some of Its First Phone’s Specs, Talks Big on Camera

The OSOM OV1 is still coming and it’s clear that this crew has a lot left in the smartphone tank following their frustrating days at Essential. They’ve shared some important details this week, like the processor, material choices for hardware, when it’s expected to ship, and the level of importance put on the camera system, […]

Verizon’s 5G UWB Expected to Cover 175 Million by Year’s End

Today is Verizon’s Investor Day, a time Verizon takes to showcase what it’s doing to ensure its shareholders that it’ll keep making money well into the future. A tidbit of info that was shared today is that Verizon expects its 5G Ultra Wideband service to cover 175 million people by the end of 2022. This […]

Google’s Assistant Snapshot is Going Away

The year was 2018 and your boy was as excited as can be. Why? Because Google had sort of brought back Google Now in a weird, through-the-Assistant sort of way. Without much effort to make you aware of it or to make it easily accessible, Google has decided to kill off the service I’m talking […]

Samsung Caught Throttling Performance of 10,000 Apps

South Korean smartphone giant Samsung was recently in the news for its flagship Galaxy S22 series launch. Now, several Korean netizens have pointed out that the company’s Game Optimizing Service (GOS) hamstrings CPU performance in the better interest of battery life. Over the years, we have seen several Android smartphone OEMs throttle CPU performance and […]

PayPal stops registering new users from Russia

Payment system PayPal announced yesterday the termination of registration of new users from Russia. The company has already blocked the accounts of some users and a number of the largest banks in the country that have been sanctioned by the United States and some other states. After the outbreak of the Russian War on Ukraine, […]

Massive power outage in southern Taiwan could harm TSMC’s operations

An emergency shutdown of equipment at a coal-fired power plant in Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan, according to media reports, on Thursday led to power outages not only in the nearby city and capital of the island, but also in a technology cluster in southern Taiwan, where TSMC enterprises are concentrated, producing, among other things, and […]

US states launch investigation into TikTok impact on youth health

Eight US states, including California and Massachusetts, have announced a bipartisan nationwide investigation into the potentially negative impact of the popular social video service TikTok on the physical and mental health of young people. At the same time, the investigation should find out whether the developers knew about the harmful effects of the service. In […]