Oppo Find X5 series goes on pre-orders in the UK

Last month, Oppo announced the Oppo Find X5 series comprising the Find X5 and X5 Pro phones in some European markets. Both phones come with powerful Snapdragon SoC and have Hasselblad branded cameras. Now, the series has landed in the United Kingdom and the pre-orders have begun. The Find X5 costs £749 and the Find […]

7 Best Way to Make Money From Video on Demand Platforms

Gone are the days when we would wait to see our favorite programs on TV. It is the age of Video on demand (VOD) platforms where one can access all the content one’s heart desires with the swipe of a finger or a click of a remote. Not restricted to TV alone, the charm of […]

Best Angular-based Interview Questions: Ace Your Technical Interview

Angular is a widely adopted technology to build innovative apps and software. Even the demand for Angular developers is on the rise. Before appearing for the interview, refresh your knowledge with these angular-based interview questions. Also, we recommend you get acquainted with Angular best practices to know the approach of a developer working on a […]

Affiliate Marketing: How to boost e-commerce growth.

Introduction  These days, everything is switching online. The advancement in technology has reached heights. Earlier for earning money, people used to think of only of company employees as the option. But in today’s generation, the modes of earning have changed and also increased. The fact of online having not only is meant for entertainment but […]