Weather Channel, G4TV, Other Channels Added to YouTube TV Lineup

YouTube TV subscribers are getting treated to a group of fresh channels free of charge this week, something that doesn’t happen often these days. Typically, we’re given channels, but then told our monthly bill is about to go up or that we’re losing channels. This is a nice change of direction, at least for now. […]

Pixel 6 After 6 Months: Did Google Get It Right?

As we close in on the 6 month anniversary of the launch of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, I sit here holding this Cloudy White model in hand while wondering if Google got this all right or not. There are certainly indicators suggesting that it is at least somewhat of a success, yet […]

Chrome’s Privacy Guide Makes It Simpler Than Ever to Stay Secure

Google is introducing a new privacy tool within Chrome today called Privacy Guide. As the name sort of implies, this will act as a guide to help you better understand and control your levels of security within Chrome. When accessed within Settings, the Privacy Guide walks you through a step-by-step tour of existing privacy and […]

Here’s the OnePlus Nord 20: Surprise, It’s Hot!

OnePlus has provided details on its upcoming Nord 20 smartphone this week, with an official render of the device and specific details being released. From the one picture we now have, we can confirm, this phone looks pretty hot. OnePlus provided an exclusive to PCMag, who relayed all of the company’s information to the eager […]

Verizon Galaxy S21 Line Grabs the April Security Patch

Samsung and Verizon are pushing out the April update to the Galaxy S21 line this week, just as Google began pushing it to Pixel devices. The update should be minor and appears to only focus on security. The changelog from Verizon doesn’t mention any other change outside of the typical, “The current software update provides […]

Most profitable areas of tech today

Despite the gloomy outlook for some areas of the tech industry, there are still many profitable opportunities to be found. This short and sharp blog post looks at some of the most profitable tech areas today and explores why they are so successful. It also looks at some of the challenges that these businesses face […]