Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Keeps Getting Updates: March Patch Rolling Out

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has already shifted into its quarterly update schedule and the countdown until it is no longer supported. Still, seeing updates continue to rollout so frequently surprises us to this day. In fact, Samsung is doing far better than quarterly. For this month, the Galaxy Note 9 on Verizon is getting […]

Samsung is Adding the Galaxy S21 to Its Official Re-Newed Program

About a year ago, Samsung changed the name of their pre-owned phone program to Re-Newed in an attempt to convince customers that they were newer, or something, than all of the other refurbished Galaxy devices available. They kicked off that new branding with the Galaxy S20. Fast forward to today, and with the weird branding aside, […]

Pixel ‘Rohan’ Watch is Coming, Hinted to Run Wear OS 3.1

Google is working on a Pixel Watch. This much we know. Evidence of such has been mounting since December of last year. First it was only a report based on word from a source. Then we began to see watch faces. Then development tools hinted to its existence. And then it began to pop up […]

Five ways to innovate your e-commerce sales funnel

If you’re like most e-commerce businesses, you’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to increase sales and grow your customer base. This article will discuss five different ways you can breathe new life into your e-commerce sales funnel and start seeing better results. Read on to learn more! Significance of e-commerce sales […]