T-Mobile Offering 15-Day Trials of 5G-Powered Home Internet

T-Mobile is launching 15-day money-back trials of its Home Internet service, powered by the carrier’s 5G network. For those trying to find an alternative to their current ISP, this could be something to look into? T-Mobile’s Home Internet has quite a few pros to it, such as no data caps, a low $50/month (with autopay) […]

Mint Mobile Launches a Family Plan at $15/Line

Mint Mobile, the popular prepaid wireless service that uses T-Mobile’s network, launched its first family plan today with prices as low as you could only hope to see from a traditional carrier. The Mint Mobile Family Plan starts as low as $15/mo per line and the minimum number of lines is 2. You can mix […]

Android 12 QPR3 Beta 3 Arrives for Google Pixel Phones!

Google released a new Android 12 Beta update that you can try on your Pixel phone this morning. Overall, there doesn’t appear to be anything too major in here, but it’s still fun for those who love running the latest builds of Android straight from Google. If you own a Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel […]

Samsung Intros UFS 4.0 With the Redonkulous Storage Speeds

Samsung Semiconductor, one of Samsung’s many arms, announced the development and approval of UFS 4.0 (universal flash storage) this week. Currently, UFS 3.1 is the standard that is used in many high-end smartphones, but with UFS 4.0, storage speeds get turned up to 11. Compared to UFS 3.1, which eclipsed the 1GB/s write speed back […]

Google TV’s Live Guide Gets a Favorite Channels Tab

The “Live” tab on your cute little Google TV unit is getting a big new feature that will make the oft-sluggish UI less of a nuisance to use. You can now add a bunch of favorite channels in there, through a separated tab to get to what you want in a hurry. Google will announce […]