Monster battery rugged Oukitel WP19 launches in late June

Oukitel phones and their fame around the world is coming from two categories. Either it’s a rugged beast or a battery monster, so how about combining these into just one model ? The upcoming Oukitel WP19 will bring all of the good stuff in one body and plans to deliver some prime specs. For starters […]

How to Set Up a Streaming and Gaming Setup on a Budget

If you have just started to look into game streaming, you may have realized how much of an initial cash investment you might have to make. Streamers do not just open their webcams and start broadcasting on Twitch. They first need machines powerful enough to run games smoothly and also edit videos, and these cost […]

A new MacBook Air is planned for WWDC 2022 with limited color selection

We’ve been hearing rumors of a new redesigned MacBook Air for a while, and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has stated several times that it’s likely to be unveiled at WWDC 2022. The new MacBook Air was “intended” to be unveiled at Apple’s developer conference, according to the journalist. He claims, though, that it may not be […]

What Technologies Are Used In The War In Ukraine?

History proves that wars have been always won if forces could turn technologies to advantage. As an example, in 1415, English King Henry V could take over the French at the Battle of Agincourt due to his archers and their newly developed longbows. In this sense, the war in Ukraine may become another case, when […]

Sony PS5 global sales exceed 20 million units – to continue production

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) global sales and business operations director and senior vice president Veronica Rogers confirmed that Sony PS5 global sales have exceeded 20 million units. Since its release in November 2020, the console has been unabated. If it weren’t for parts shortages, it should have completed that milestone earlier. The company also highlighted that […]