Razer’s New Kishi V2 Costs $99, Features Improved Design and Share Button

Razer debuted an all new Kishi mobile controller for Android phones this week, titled the Kishi V2. Priced at $99, this mobile controller is described as featuring a reworked design for improved ergonomics, as well as a fancy new button for all of your gameplay sharing needs. Razer’s intent with the Kishi V2 is to […]

Google Meet Introduces New Auto-Transcription Feature for Educators

Video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Skype have plateaued in terms of available features. However, Google isn’t done adding features to Google Meet. The platform now allows you to save a transcript of video calls to a Google Docs file. First spotted by Android Police, the feature could be a tremendous asset to teachers, […]

Android 13 Beta 3 Arrives Today on Pixel Phones

A big day is here for your Google Pixel phone and Android 13 – we’ve reached the platform stability stage of this development cycle. Android 13 Beta 3 is here and things are looking good. For this Beta 3 build, which is available on the Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, and Pixel […]

Pixel Watch to Definitely Offer Smart Unlock

On Android phones, a feature called Smart Unlock allows phone owners to have their devices unlocked when certain requirements are met. For example, if you’re at home and within a preset geofence, your phone will stay unlocked. Another example of Smart Unlock is when you have a particular Bluetooth device connected, such as a set […]

Nothing’s Phone (1) Will Arrive July 12 in Online Event

The first phone from Nothing will make its debut on July 12, the company announced today. Through an online video stream/event, we’ll finally see the device that Nothing thinks will “make tech fun again.” Called Nothing Phone (1), rumors and official teases have suggested a reasonably priced phone that will be “fast and smooth,” with […]

Short term Certification courses for accounts professionals

Short term Certification courses for accounts professionals Accounting is the systematic and detailed recording of the financial transactions of a business. That’s why accounting plays a vital role in running a business. Due to the individual demand of different companies, the demand for accountants is increasing. Short-term certified account courses provide the requisite skills and […]

The Mail App Gets Long-Awaited Features in iOS 16

Apple‘s iOS 16 release has included numerous new features. The lockscreen update is one of the main attractions, followed by new Mail app capabilities. The WWDC 2022 event provided us with numerous essential and useful additions for the Mail app, like the ability to undo send, schedule send, and more. Apple, as usual, stated that […]

Safari surpasses Chrome in the North American mobile browser market

In the contest for North America’s most popular mobile browser, Safari defeats Chrome. According to Bankless Times’ report, Apple’s Safari Browser has a 50 percent market share in the North American mobile browser industry. Google Chrome, its closest competitor, controls 43.91 percent of the market. However, they aren’t the only ones vying for first place! […]