Google Releases Android 13 Beta 3.2 Update to Fix More Bugs

This newest Android 13 Beta 3 has certainly had issues that Google has deemed serious enough to address in a quick manner. After releasing a quick Android 13 Beta 3.1 fixer last week, Google is back again today with an Android 13 Beta 3.2 update. The update is again a fixer that addresses a number […]

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Scheduled for July 12-13

Amazon is kicking off Prime Day 2022 on July 12 and it’s running through the 13th. If you’re an Amazon fan, there’s no better time to be alive, with literally thousands upon thousands of deals to be taken advantage of. There’ll be cheap TVs, cheap phone accessories, and so much else. If you don’t want […]

T-Mobile Expands Travel Data and In-Flight WiFi, Gives Away AAA for a Year

T-Mobile’s Uncarrier event went down as planned this morning, with several announcements and new features revealed as coming soon to customers. The focus was on travel, so if you were hitting the road this summer or taking a flight, you might have new goodies to take advantage of. The breakdown of today’s Uncarrier moves can […]

New Samsung Wallet Holds All of Your Cards, Digital Keys, and Even Vax Status

Samsung Wallet is risen. Laid to rest in 2015, Samsung is bringing it back, designed to be the ultimate storage platform for Galaxy owners’ membership cards, boarding passes, digital IDs, payment cards, digital car keys, and yes, your COVID-19 vaccination records. Samsung Wallet is technically a combination of various Samsung services to create this new […]

Verizon’s Home Internet Options All Start at $25 Now, Including Fios

It’s a big carrier news day today with both Verizon and T-Mobile firing off announcements. Where T-Mobile’s focus on getting you out of the house and on the road, Verizon’s big news is all about staying home. Verizon wants you to know that it has several internet options and that they all start as low […]

Upcoming WhatsApp Update Will Make It Easier to Control Who Joins Larger Groups

Joining WhatsApp groups using an invite link is pretty straightforward. You can just click on the link shared by an existing group member, and you’ll be added to the member list. Following in the footsteps of larger, group-centric instant messaging (IM) platforms, WhatsApp could introduce a feature so admins can approve or deny requests to […]

Internet Explorer end of support caused a chaos in Japan

While most of us still consider Japan to be one of the top technology leaders, things in the country are nowhere near as good as they used to be. Microsoft‘s termination of support for the outdated Internet Explorer browser has caused serious problems for government and commercial structures in their web resources. Since April, Tokyo-based […]

Facebook Knows Whether You Are Going to Have an Abortion Or Not

It turns out Facebook is collecting data from select activities. The latest finding from Reveal says that Facebook collects data (via Meta Pixel) about people who visit the websites of pregnancy crisis centers. While this might sound not surprising, the researchers have real concerns about the misuse. The authors found that hundreds of crisis pregnancy […]