Which Industries Use Continuous Controls Monitoring?

In today’s digital age, organizations need to be doing all that they can to reduce risk and increase cybersecurity. It can be a dangerous time for a business with cybercrime on the rise, which can cause significant damage to any organization and in more ways than one. In recent times, one way that businesses have […]

Pixel 7 Line Cameras, New Mystery High-End Pixel Device Revealed

All of this week’s focus might still be on the Pixel 6a and Pixel Buds Pro, with pre-orders open, but the Pixel 7 wants you not to forget it’s coming. Thanks to quite a bit of sleuthing by a developer, we may know the camera situation of Google’s new phones, as well as the codename […]

Hear Me Out: Galaxy S22, But in ‘Bora Purple’

Galaxy S22. It’s a great device, but my main issue with it was the fact that it never came in a Bora Purple. At last, Samsung heard my loud complaints and the device will soon be available in a Bora Purple colorway via Samsung and all major US carriers! This is fantastic news, people. This […]

Verizon Now Sells Xbox All Access, Highlights Game Pass on Its 5G Network

Verizon is now selling Xbox All Access, a payment plan for Xbox One S and Xbox One X gaming consoles that starts at $24.99/month. Verizon now selling Xbox consoles isn’t really that exciting to us, but what is interesting is the access to Game Pass that comes included with Microsoft’s All Access. With Game Pass, […]

How to integrate your customer journey with SEO Techniques?

The customer journey has seen a lot of changes due to digital marketing and search engines. Customers take the help of search engines to get in touch with the sales funnel and in this due course SEO plays an important role. It makes the brand visibility prominent and customers can see the products and the […]

How To Download And Install Google Camera 8.4 APK

Google doesn’t capture a big market share in the smartphone field. But users are waiting for new Pixel phones eagerly. The reason behind this is simple – this series is the first to bring the latest Android system. Plus, Google’s camera app has almost no equals on the market. And these handsets don’t cost an […]

Here’s why 5G is more expensive – optical fibre sets a new price surge

The commercialization of the 5G network is getting into advanced stages. Over the past three years, there have been multiple improvements in 5G services. However, relative to the previous 3G and 4G networks, the investment in 5G network construction is much higher. For this reason, operators of 5G networks charge much higher fees than they did […]

Realme Pad X, Buds Air 3 Neo, Watch 3 & More To Launch In India Today

The Realme Pad X will launch in India today, July 26. Realme will be unveiling a slew of other products at the impending launch event. The Hey Creatives launch event by Realme will begin today at 12:30 PM IST. Notably, the brand will take the wraps off several AIoT devices at the event. However, the […]