YouTube TV’s Base Plan Loses Universo, Which Joins Paid Spanish Plus Add-On

YouTube TV subscribers, we have a minor channel adjustment for you to be aware of. Starting today, your YouTube TV base plan will lose a channel – Universo. Google and YouTube TV aren’t issuing a price adjustment, they are simply moving Universo to the Spanish Plus add-on and taking it away from the base plan. […]

Latest 5G Report Shows T-Mobile Holding “Commanding” Lead Over Verizon, AT&T

For the first half of 2022, the 5G race in the US didn’t change much, according to the latest report. Even though Verizon and AT&T both began deploying C-Band spectrum in order to boost their networks with mid-band 5G, it’s T-Mobile that remains king with a “commanding lead” over the others. The report comes from […]

Google Pixel’s August Update Arrives in “Coming Weeks”

Google provided an update on the August Pixel update situation today, since the update did not arrive during its usual first-Monday schedule. Instead, it sounds like Google is still working on the update and will deliver it within weeks. In a brief post to the Pixel Phone Help community, Google explains that the August 2022 […]

OnePlus 10 Pro Price Drops Permanently to $799

As a part of yesterday’s OnePlus 10T event, OnePlus announced that its true-flagship, the OnePlus 10 Pro, now has a starting price of $799. That’s a great price for a phone I personally like a lot, with all of the high-end specs you need in 2022. To recap, $799 now gets you a Snapdragon 8 […]

Here’s a Pixel 6a Deal That Gets You One for $399

The Pixel 6a is only a couple of weeks old and yet the deals surrounding this mid-range phone from Google have not been hard to find. For this week, Amazon is hosting a coupon that drops the price to $399. That’s a solid $50 off its usual retail price. To get the Pixel 6a for […]

How to ensure privacy when you abandon your mobile number

In the smartphone industry, privacy and security are a very big deal. Many mobile phone brand spends so much to ensure that the privacy and security of their smartphones are foolproof. However, we can not leave all the work to the smartphone brands. Users have a lot of roles to play in securing their mobile […]

Malaysia Is Among Least Cyber-Secure Countries In Asia And The World

The latest reports show that Malaysia is among the top 10 Asian countries that are not secure to work remotely. The information comes from a study conducted by UK-based Reboot Digital PR Services. Malaysia is slightly more secure than Cyprus and Indonesia and ranks third. But this country has got an overall cyber danger score […]

Intel NUC 12 Extreme System With Intel Core CPUs and Intel Arc Graphics Spotted

Intel’s mini-PCs are very popular due to their outstanding performance. Recently, the new Intel NUC 12 Extreme system, codenamed “Serpent Canyon,” was leaked. What’s more interesting, this system sports 12th Gen Alder Lake mobility CPUs and Arc mobility GPUs such as the Arc A770M, Arc A750M, and the Arc A550M. From the spotted listing, we […]