Did You Order a Galaxy Z Flip 4 or Galaxy Z Fold 4?

Pre-orders are taking place for the new Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4, and as we always say, there’s never a better time to order one of these phones than during this period. Seriously, you should do it. If you have taken advantage of Samsung’s crazy-good trade-in values, store credit and free […]

How’s Android 13 Running on Your Pixel Phone?

The stable Android 13 update has been out since the beginning of the week and that means a couple of days for you to run it and establish first impressions. I’m curious what those are, as the update is somewhat minor in new features, but huge in terms of bug fixes from Android 12. To […]

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Stop Through the FCC

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro stopped through the FCC this week, marking a big step towards launch that should happen around October, if previous launches are any indicator. The filings don’t reveal much, other than supported network bands and the presence of UWB again, but they do give us model numbers to pin […]

Verizon’s Visible Adds New Visible+ Plan, Shakes Up Features and Pricing

From the day it launched back in 2018, Verizon’s Visible has had a single plan that costs just $40/mo. Visible has continued to update and upgrade the plan over the years, but that price has always stuck and it remained the only plan option for those looking at Verizon’s “all-digital wireless carrier.” Today, Visible is […]

Pixel 6 Pro on Android 13 Can Run at 1080p, Could Improve Battery Life

Pixel 6 Pro on Android 13 Can Run at 1080p, Could Improve Battery Life Pixel 6 Pro on Android 13 Can Run at 1080p, Could Improve Battery Life BY Sanuj Published 17 Aug 2022 An Android kernel developer has found a way to downscale the display resolution of the Google Pixel 6 Pro to 1080p […]

Android 13 fans should employ caution – system has some issues

Yesterday, Google officially released the Android 13 system and it is now rolling out to Pixel devices. Other brands like Xiaomi and Samsung are already working on this system. In fact, the developer’s preview of the Android 13 update is already available. The Android 13 system continues to optimize the system interface and functions. Although […]

Google announced that Android 13 is officially open source

Google has pushed the official version update of Android 13 to Pixel models. The company also announced that Android 13 has been officially open-sourced. The source code of the new system has been uploaded to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Since the system is open source, it means that all Android mobile phone manufacturers […]

Two interesting gadgets on sale from Aliexpress

The depths of Aliexpress are really endless and we can find plenty of various interesting gadgets out there. Sifting through the myriads of options can be a tedious affair, but for that you have us to help. And today we once again have for you some interesting pieces, that could have escaped your attention. Both […]