GALAXY Z FOLD 4: First 10 Things to Do!

You may have a pre-ordered Galaxy Z Fold 4 on its way to your house very soon, so in order to prepare yourself for the joy of setting up your new foldable device, allow me to present the First 10 Things to Do! In this video, we dive into audio and display settings, show you […]

OnePlus 10T Review: The Charging is Super Fun

OnePlus changed up its mid-year release schedule for 2022 by not giving us another Pro-level phone and instead dropping the OnePlus 10T on us. Not that this phone doesn’t have several pro-level specs, but it also arrives with a set of cuts that were made to keep the price at a starting point that could […]

Motorola’s Next US Phone is Another Edge, Not the New Razr

Motorola unwrapped its new phone for the US today, and in somewhat confusing fashion, it isn’t the new Razr that was just unveiled in China. Instead, we’re getting another Motorola Edge phone, though not the top tier version because we got that a few months ago. This is the Motorola Edge (2022), a close-to-high-end phone […]

OnePlus 10T Snaps Into Two With Barehands in Durability Test

OnePlus 10T Snaps Into Two With Barehands in Durability Test OnePlus 10T Snaps Into Two With Barehands in Durability Test BY Sanuj Published 18 Aug 2022 OnePlus launched its OnePlus 10T earlier this month. While the smartphone received praise for its competitive pricing and the latest flagship chipset, a new video of the OnePlus 10T […]

Twitter employees keep leaving: exhausted by Elon Musk’s antics

According to reports, multiple Twitter insiders claim that Twitter employees are exhausted from the ongoing legal tussle between Elon Musk and Twitter. There are reports that in recent weeks, many Twitter employees are leaving the company. Of course, these would be employees that have options of other firms that they could work. In April, Musk […]

Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Galaxy Flip 3 battery test

On August 10th, Samsung officially released two flagship foldable smartphones. The company released the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 as well as the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The new generation Flip comes with a larger battery but both smartphones use the same low-power-consuming Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC. However, the Galaxy Flip 4 comes with a […]

6 Marketing Tactics To Increase Your Social Media Conversions

As of July 2021, the total number of people using at least one social media platform in the world was approximately 4.48 billion. To put this in context, it equates to around 57% of the world population. Given these staggering figures, it’s simple to understand the enormous power that social media marketing can instill in […]

OnePlus 10T 5G pre-order in Malaysia: How to get a free phone

The OnePlus 10T 5G smartphone has gone up for pre-order in Malaysia. Also, the handset’s price and availability details have been revealed. You can now pre-orde the 10T 5G smartphone via Lazada and Shoppe until August 31 for just RM3199. Further, OnePlus is doling out a myriad of unmissable launch offers. For instance, the first […]