Eye Roll: YouTube Tests Putting 4K Videos Behind Paywall

YouTube is apparently in experimental mode, and sadly for users, none of their experiments and/or testing seems to benefit those who use the ad-supported (free) version of the service. The last time we talked about this, it was 10+ unskippable ads before a video. This time? 4K resolution videos behind the YouTube Premium paywall. As […]

5 Ways To Utilize Technology To Work More Effectively

Successful companies in the modern economy are always on the lookout for ways to boost output with the aid of technological advancements. Technology has the potential to automate or otherwise streamline any tasks if applied properly. If you want to know how to maximize your productivity using technology, here are five tried and true methods. […]

Google’s Latest October Android Update Could Be the Last One for Pixel 4 Series

Pixel 4 Series October Android Update Could Be It’s Last One Google’s Latest October Android Update Could Be the Last One for Pixel 4 Series BY Ronil Published 4 Oct 2022 It’s the first week of October, meaning it’s time Google releases its monthly Android update on supported Pixel phones. Unless it’s a holiday in […]

Pixel Watch Gets Unboxed Before Launch

Pixel Watch Gets Unboxed Before Launch, Reveals… Pixel Watch Gets Unboxed Before Launch BY Ronil Published 4 Oct 2022 Google will make the Pixel Watch official on October 6. Days before the launch, someone got their hands on the retail unit, unboxed it, and shared pictures on Reddit. The post shows the packaging, the device […]

Google Home Gets Major Overhaul With New Look and Features

A major upgrade is headed for the Google Home app, with Google announcing the changes this week, which is fitting considering we’re getting a few new Google devices this week. The company has already unveiled a couple new Nest devices, with the Pixel 7 lineup and Pixel Watch coming next. Inside this upgraded Google Home […]

Nest Doorbell Gets a New Wired Version for $179

A new Nest Doorbell has been announced this morning, this time only with a wired-power option. After the battery version from last year was discovered to have suffered from battery-related limitations, this has been an item we hoped Google would give us. This new Nest Doorbell (wired) comes in a slightly smaller package than the […]

Lava Blaze 5G Is India’s Cheapest 5G Smartphone

Usually, we praise the top-end smartphones, talk with respect about the mid-range models, and recommend low-end smartphones to kids or elderlies. However, all we said above refers to the top brands. What about not the first-tier smartphone brands? Apart from the copycat brands, only a few can make truly worthy models. Lava is among them. […]

God of War Ragnarok Will Last Longer Due To Side Quests

God of War Ragnarok is one of the much-anticipated games. The title will be available in a few weeks for PS5 and PS4. Once again, we will be able to become Kratos and defeat enemies and gods met on our way. The game story is based on the characters from Norse Mythology. Before this, we’d […]

Meross Smart Wi-Fi Surge Protector & WiFi Plug: easy way into Smart Home

The Breakdown If you’re in the market for such type of smart plugs – and you currently operate an Apple HomeKit/Samsung SmartThings smart home then you should really consider buying them. Durability Value For Money Ease of Use Meross App Connectivity You’re into the market trying to find some affordable ways to make your home […]