Pixel Watch’s Metal Bands Will Cost $129 and $199

To kick off the launch of the Pixel Watch, Google has made 5 different watch bands available in a number of colors. These are first party watch bands that certainly aren’t cheap, but should at least arrive with decent quality. In fact, in an early hands-on we confirmed prior to the Pixel Watch’s arrival that […]

YouTube Handles are Here to Make Finding Channels Easier

YouTube introduced handles today as an easier way to find people and the channels you most like to watch. These new handles will make it easier to engage with those creators as well, across the platform. Think of a YouTube handle like you would an Instagram or Twitter handle. A YouTube handle uses the “@” […]

Take in All These Pixel 7 Pro 30x Zoom, Night Sight, and Macro Shots

The camera system on the Pixel 7 Pro is without a doubt the phone’s biggest selling point. Like in years past, Google is showing the world again the magic it can do with computational photography, calling this new camera the “best photo and video experience we’ve ever had on a Pixel phone.” We’ll certainly be […]

Google Shares Pixel 7 Pro’s 30X Super Res Zoom Samples

Here’re Google Pixel 7 Pro 30X Super Res Zoom Samples Google Shares Pixel 7 Pro’s 30X Super Res Zoom Samples BY Ronil Published 10 Oct 2022 Google has shared a couple of sets of sample shots taken via Pixel 7 Pro Super Res Zoom mode. The 7 Pro is the latest high-end flagship model of […]

Google Pixel Watch Will Get Wear OS Updates Until October 2025

Google Pixel Watch Will Get Wear OS Updates Until October 2025 Google Pixel Watch Will Get Wear OS Updates Until October 2025 BY Ronil Published 10 Oct 2022 Google launched its Pixel Watch alongside the Pixel 7 series at the #MadebyGoogle October 6 event. This first Pixel-branded smartwatch from Google costs $350 for the Wi-Fi […]

iPhone 13 average price skyrocketed after the iPhone 14 release

As of October 7, all four models of the iPhone 14 series have been launched, and users who have previously pre-order it have already got the new models. However, it seems that the previous iPhone 13 models have raised in prices. This year, the Pro version has a very good reputation, but the standard version […]

Here are the top-selling electric cars in Australia

Tony Weber, CEO of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), said: “The market is clearly leaning towards zero-emission technologies”. FCAI is the top automotive industry in Australia. This is the first recognition of the status of new-energy electric cars by the Federal Association of Automobile Manufacturers. It has long been less bullish on electric cars due […]

Sony PlayStation Network accounts can now be linked to Steam accounts

Sony PlayStation Network account is upgrading to make the platform better for gamers. Sony has launched a new cross-platform feature in the recent “Marvel Spider-Man: Remastered” update. Players can link their PlayStation Network account to their Steam account to gain access to the game rewards. At present, the linking page is online on the Sony PlayStation […]