Google’s Family Link Gets a Brand New Experience and Features

Google Family Link is an incredible tool for those with kids who have devices that they’d like to continue to have control over. This week, Google is introducing a brand new experience to Family Link, with a redesign that brings the most-used tools to the front and adds a new 3-tab layout. One of the […]

Google TV Kids Profiles Get Three New Features

Google TV has had kids profiles for some time, long before they allowed adults to have multiple profiles. Those same kids profiles are getting a boost in features this week, all of which will help families who want more control, to explore recommended content, and who have kids who might be ready to move-on from […]

Google Chat Rolls Out Inline Threading to Conversations

Because the conversations you may have in Google Chat can become quite complex, assuming you use it as a work tool, Google is adding a feature I can imagine was highly requested. Inline threading is here for those times where a side conversation might be useful instead of responding into the main conversation of a […]

Lenovo’s Prototype Rollable Phone and Laptop Need to Happen

Foldables are soo yesterday, amirite? It’s all about rollables now, with Lenovo getting bold and showcasing its prototype rollable devices at this year’s Lenovo Tech World. The rollable phone is merely a proof of concept, but with that said, it still looks sick. When not rolled out, it looks very compact in hand, with a […]

Chrome for Android Update Directed at Tablets, Upcoming Pixel Tablet

Chrome for Android is getting an update that is directed at Android tablets, with Google name dropping the Pixel Tablet within the announcement, meaning you can expect the following things to be onboard by the time it launches next year. For the rest of us, these features are rolling out to Chrome on tablets now, […]

Activision multiplayer game will allow all players to hear the dynamic background music

Activision is seeking to automatically generate in-game soundtracks for each player in a multiplayer game. The new patent information was spotted by Exputer. Activision already has a solution for this music feature. This feature is coming as a result of game events and players’ personal needs. The system will dynamically generate and modulate music. The […]

Microsoft 365: Will the company discontinue the Office brand?

Microsoft announced at the recent Ignite conference that it will launch Microsoft 365 applications later in November. The new application will be the new center for accessing Microsoft’s corporate services and applications. Microsoft claims that the website, Office mobile applications and the Office Hub program for Windows will all be renamed. The company will also gradually introduce […]

Moto X40 with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC headed to China soon

The upcoming Moto X40 smartphone’s launch timeline has been tipped alongside a slew of other key details ahead of launch. To recap, Motorola brought its Moto Edge 30 series smartphones into the Indian market earlier this year. Notably, the Moto Edge 30 Ultra arrived as the first 200MP camera phone. Now, it looks like Motorola […]