Google Play Adds Payment Requests Feature for the Family

When your kids finally get their own phone or tablet and decide they want to buy all the games, you will make a decision over whether or not to add a family payment method that they can use. If you do add one, you can already manage that payment method by requiring approval before purchases go […]

Our Favorite Android Phones of 2022

2022 is nearly in the books. In the Android world, it was plenty solid. Google released good phones, Samsung released a ton of good phones, and even OnePlus gave us something to talk about. Considering we continue to have a shrinking amount of Android OEMs, we don’t necessarily have a shrinking list of good phone […]

Oops! iPhone Car Crash Detection can’t differ skiing and crashes

According to the official Instagram broadcast info of the 911 hotline in Gallatin Country, Montana, USA, about 28 Apple iPhone 14 devices sent false “car crash detection” alarms. The report cites multiple alerts between December 1 and 15. Once the rescuers arrived at the origin of the alert, they found that the cases were not […]

Google Pixel 8 Camera Leaked: A New and Better Sensor?

Google Pixel phones were among the very first ones to support HDR+ photography. In fact, the HDR shooting capabilities of current smartphones are often compared with pixel phones for reference. And with Google Pixel 8, the smartphone giant is ready to take its HDR game to the next level. Basically, the source code of the Google Camera […]

PS5 Pro: Sony Has Made An Official Statement About The PlayStation 5 For 2023

If you do remember, Sony is fond of releasing an advanced version of its console after three years of releasing that particular console. A notable example has to do with the PlayStation 4 which the PlayStation 5 recently replaced. After Sony launched the PlayStation 4 in November 2013, it remained the highest end console from […]

Removable batteries will make their return to our smartphones

European Union lawmakers have finally agreed on a new set of rules aiming to make batteries more durable and reusable. These new measures could well impact our smartphones. Already at the beginning of the year, the European Union was considering new rules. To extend the life of electronic products and avoid waste. Notably by banning […]

Windows 11 now supports Android 13 beta

Windows 11 now has Android 13 and it makes the experience a lot better. It’s now available for testers and we should just wait until it becomes available to everyone via the Microsoft Store. The Microsoft Store will likely take a few weeks or perhaps months for this to affect the broader public. But the […]

OnePlus Sets Date for the Launch of Its Next Flagship Phone

OnePlus Sets Date for the Launch of OnePlus 11 OnePlus Sets Date for the Launch of Its Next Flagship Phone BY Ronil Published 20 Dec 2022 As we inch closer to the end of 2022, we are starting to see the launch announcements of 2023 smartphones. Many smartphone manufacturers confirmed to launch of their upcoming […]

Unreleased Pixel Tablet and Charging Dock Leaks on Facebook Marketplace

Pixel Tablet and Charging Dock Leaks on Facebook Marketplace Unreleased Pixel Tablet and Charging Dock Leaks on Facebook Marketplace BY Ronil Published 20 Dec 2022 Although we have been hearing about Google’s first Pixel-branded Android tablet for a while, we didn’t get an official confirmation about the Pixel Tablet’s existence until Google I/O 2022 event. […]