Top 10 best calendar apps to organize your life in 2023

We’ve compiled a short list of the top 10 calendar apps for mobile devices so you can plan your year on both your smartphone and a web browser. Although we will concentrate on mobile calendars, many of them also have accessible web versions. Although we have listed a few specific ones for particular needs, the […]

Ivacy VPN wishes Merry Xmas with a 90% off promo deal

We are the children of the internet age, which is giving us unprecented access to information and content. On the other hand we have to quite wary of many privacy concerns, because the online dangers can be quite significant. And while the amount of content on streaming (and other) platforms is staggering, the sad reality […]

Breaking News: Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Promotional Images Leaked!

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is pretty close to launch. According to tips and previous leaks, Samsung is all set to hold a launch event in early February. Now, although the launch event is just a month away, the leaks are still going strong! A few days ago, we learned some key features of the Galaxy […]

Android 14 will natively integrate Health Connect functions

Health Connect’s native integration in Android 14 appears to be headed in the right direction. Android would be able to compete with Apple and watchOS in the area of health and fitness data if the implementation of this API took place. With the help of the Google and Samsung-created Health Connect app. You can get […]

More Pixel features are coming to other Android 13 devices

It has been evident over the past several months that not all Android features that Google previously made available only on Pixel phones will do so indefinitely. More Android handsets today are taking advantage of several features offered by Google services. It doesn’t really matter which smartphone you use daily. At the base, they feature […]