In 2022, We Didn’t Love: $1,000 Phones

A couple of years ago, when Samsung dropped the Galaxy S20 series on us, with price points starting at $$1,000 for the lowest-end model, I was worried. It sure looked like the beginning of a move toward the smartphone industry adopting a pricing scheme where we’d have to pay north of $1,000 to get all […]

Google’s Range of Hardware Impressed in 2022

Props need to be given when due, and in the case of Google’s 2022 hardware lineup, we think the props have been well earned. Google released a family of devices this year that all look fantastic, which can’t be the easiest thing to do when you have various teams working on different things. However, at […]

In 2022, We Loved: All of the Frosted and Matte Glass

We were one of the earliest in this space to share our distaste for the excessive use of glass in smartphone designs. We questioned why anyone would call glass “premium,” when it is without a doubt an incredibly fragile material that can be easily scratched or broken with the slightest of drops or bumps. Glass, […]

Redmi K60 series arrives – K60 Pro is the new king of flagship killers

As expected, Xiaomi went ahead of the usual schedule to present the new Redmi K60 series. Instead of a Q1 launch window, the company is bringing the new family a few weeks after the unveiling of its Xiaomi 13 series. The Redmi K60 series brings a vanilla, a Redmi K60 Pro, and a K60E variant. […]

That’s how Netflix plans to end account sharing

To prevent account sharing, Netflix has a strategy. The world’s leading provider of video on demand will start using it in January 2023. What will change is as follows. In its quarterly results announcement, Netflix brought up the subject of account sharing once more. The VOD giant has repeatedly stated in recent years that it […]

Tesla Legal Representative Of China Steps Down

Despite being a US company, China still remains one of Tesla’s largest markets. According to data from China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Tesla Giga Factory Shanghai alone sold a total of 100,291 units. That number is the data recorded for the month of November alone. That was a record monthly growth of 90% year-over-year. Tesla […]

BLUETTI’s Users Always Get More Than Power for Their Off-Grid Lives

BLUETTI’s “Share Your Story” campaign is in full swing. It begins on December 15, 2022 and will end on January 15, 2023. All participants and users have the chance to win free solar generators, solar panels, outdoor gears, coupons and BLUETTI Bucks, which can now be used to redeem BLUETTI Lifestyle products, besides its previous […]

Samsung Galaxy S22 FE is coming soon with an Exynos 2300 chip

With the debut of the Galaxy S22 FE, which will be the successor to the unpopular Galaxy S21 FE released at the beginning of 2022, Samsung may soon bring back the Fan Edition series. Everything suggested that Samsung had finally chosen to discontinue this series of smartphones after a Galaxy S21 FE that arrived far […]

Samsung Camera Assistant App Could Soon Arrive on More Galaxy Devices

Samsung Camera Assistant App on More Galaxy Devices Soon? Samsung Camera Assistant App Could Soon Arrive on More Galaxy Devices BY Ronil Published 27 Dec 2022 Samsung released the Camera Assistant app in October this year, giving you more control over the camera of your Galaxy S22 line of smartphones. And now, the company is […]