Galaxy S10 Gets One of Its Final Updates, Fold 4 and Flip 4 Freshened

The final countdown of 2022 is almost on and Samsung is pushing out a final wave of updates. The beneficiaries this week are those who own the Galaxy S10 series of phones, which are closing in on being finished receiving updates. The Galaxy Fold 4 and Flip 4 are also seeing a new update. The […]

Here’s How WHOOP 4.0 Helped Me in 2022

Every single year, a majority of people make the same resolution for their New Year, New Me. It won’t surprise many to discover that exercise is one of the top resolutions each year, but unfortunately, most folks drop off from their new habit within a few months. If you’re looking for a tool that has […]

In 2022, We Loved: Samsung Doing Updates

Dubbing Samsung the “King of Android Updates” a couple of years ago might have sounded ridiculous at the time. Most of the industry was still under the impression that only Google was good at updating devices on its platform and that everyone else was slow to push new software or for enough years. But that […]

Prepare for A More Affordable iPhone 15 Plus

According to recent reports, the non-pro iPhone 14 models are not doing well in terms of sales. The highlight is particularly the iPhone 14 Plus. This has allegedly forced Apple to divert production resources to the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Pro. And it could definitely cause some pricing changes in the upcoming iPhone 15 […]

Huawei Watch GT3 and GT3 Pro HarmonyOS Beta Postponed

Huawei has already set the road map for it HarmonyOS updates for the year 2022. In September this year, the Chinese tech firm revealed the HarmonyOS update schedule for the rest of the year. According to the schedule, The Huawei Watch GT3 and the Huawei watch GT3 Pro series. Were originally planned to start Beta […]

Android security flaw: Hackers can know your identity and gender

Researchers from five American colleges have discovered a technique to listen in on your conversations and leak your personal information. This is possible through sensors available on Android devices. A side-channel attack method dubbed EarSpy was developed via the cooperation of researchers from five American colleges. The latter does this by intercepting the vibrations sent […]

OnePlus 11 Will Bring At Least Three World Premieres

On the first days of the new year, OnePlus will host a new product launch event. At it, the brand will release the next-gen flagship called the OnePlus 11. We guess it will be the only phone that could compete with the Mi 13. Our guesses are not groundless. This phone will come with a […]

Samsung will unveil its next Galaxy laptops with the Galaxy S23

Starting in 2023, Samsung will have the chance to introduce the Galaxy S23. New PCs running Windows should be released in collaboration with the Android flagship lineup. Samsung laptops are getting generation updates every year. After the release of the Galaxy Book 2 line in 2022, the company is preparing a new generation. It is […]

Forget Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra! Its Successor Could Get a New Telephoto Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to Feature a New Telephoto Sensor Forget Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra! Its Successor Could Get a New Telephoto Sensor BY Ronil Published 29 Dec 2022 A new tip from prolific leaker Ice Universe suggests that Samsung could replace the telephoto sensor on the Galaxy S24 Ultra with “a new solution” used […]