Pixel 6, Pixel 7 January Update on T-Mobile Said to be Delayed Because of Issue

The January Pixel update started rolling out to still-supported Pixel phones at the beginning of last week with a handful of bug fixes and the latest security patches. We assumed that it rolled out as usual because Google said it was rolling out right away and our readers didn’t launch a series of complaints about […]

Google Meet Gets In-Meeting Emoji Reactions

Still on that video meeting grind? Yeah, aren’t we all. Since this is our reality going forward for the most part, Google continues to find ways to spice things up or at least expand your ways of interacting while talking with colleagues (or family and friends). In Google Meet, Google is is adding in-meeting emoji […]

Twitter Starts Rolling Out Tabbed “For You” and “Following” Design

Twitter is making a semi-significant change to its design this week, starting first on iOS. The change, which turns your home screen into a tabbed setup of “For you” and “Following,” is already rolling out for some users. In a Tweet announcing the change, Twitter says that the new layout will show both “For you” […]

Report: Galaxy S22+ Sales Not Good, S24+ Might Get Skipped in 2024

Detailed in a report out of South Korea this week, the Galaxy S22+ didn’t sell too great in 2022. In fact, according to a market research firm who tracks this sort of stuff, of the entire Galaxy S22 line (S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra), its sales only accounted for 17% of all units shipped. The […]

The iPhone 17 will use Apple’s own chip in 2025

Forget the iPhone 15 series that is set to come later this year, also, don’t mind the iPhone 16 series that comes in 2024. For a quick minute, let’s shift our focus to the iPhone 17 series, set to come in 2025. It’s too soon to talk about these devices? Yeah, that is probably right, […]

To Compensate For Bitcoin Mining Damage, We Need To Plant 431.6 Million New Trees

Forex Suggest said that Bitcoin is the world’s dirtiest cryptocurrency. As the source said, its mining had the worst impact on the environment last year. Experts prove that the production of one VTS emitted almost a ton of carbon dioxide (CO2). In total, in 2022, Bitcoin mining produced about 86.3 million tons of CO2. To […]

Apple will begin its move to micro-LED displays in 2024

While a lot of brands are comfortable with the benefits of OLED displays, Apple wants to go beyond. After years of sticking with the so-called Retina Displays, which in the end were based on LCD, the company made the switch to OLED on iPhones. The company is gradually changing the display tech of its devices […]

That’s how WiFi 7 can significantly increase your Internet speed

It is one thing to declare a technology to be official or to be coming to market but it is quite another thing to actually put that technology into use. Those of us who have spent more time in this world are accustomed to it, but it is still important to keep it in mind […]