Huawei Smartphones Shipments are Regaining Grounds in China

The United States was determined to kill Huawei’s smartphone business but Huawei declared that its smartphone business was going to survive. It seems the Chinese tech giant was not just talking. It knew what it was talking about. Before the Sanctions, Huawei smartphones were on the right course of taking over the world. Its dominance […]

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Series Details Leaked Ahead of February 1 Launch

Samsung has been in the laptop business for some years now, but all attentions are always on its smartphones. Few people really pay extra attention to Samsung laptops. But that seems to be changing in recent times. Samsung laptops are gradually getting popular by the day. Samsung has decided to push even further with its […]

Delete these malware apps from your Android device right now!

A recent virus attack on Android smartphones makes it possible for hackers to remotely control your device and access all of your data. Hook, a new malware created by the same hackers who made the Android banking viruses BlackRock and ERMAC, opens up new avenues for remote interaction and access to files saved on devices. […]

MIUI 14 update for Xiaomi 11T is finally launched!

The MIUI 14 operating system, which was unveiled at the Xiaomi event last month, is based on Android 13 and offers a number of enhancements. According to the most recent information, the version, which began to be disseminated after the event and is currently published for the company’s flagship models, has been made accessible for […]

How to improve Google Chrome CPU and RAM efficiency

When it comes to Internet Browser, it’s impossible to deny the popularity of Google Chrome. The search giant’s browser started as a concept but quickly revolutionized the segment. Nowadays, it’s hard to list a browser that is not based on the Chromium engine. Even Microsoft’s Edge uses the Chromium Engine. Despite its popularity and use, […]