Twitter Top Advertisers Do Not Help Elon Musk Pay Off The Debt

After Elon Musk’s takeover, Twitter changed from head to toe. The new CEO fired more than half of the stuff and also ordered his team to rewrite the code. Well, we guess you know all these stories and what a buzz they made on the net. Not long ago, Pathmatics reported that more than half […]

Here’s how to hide messages and chats on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a widely used instant messaging app that enables users to chat with friends, family, colleagues, and other contacts. With its extensive use, there may be situations when users might not want others to access their chats for privacy or confidentiality reasons. In such cases, it becomes necessary for users to know the process […]

Elon Musk is going to pay you to use Twitter

Elon Musk, the current CEO of Twitter, has recently announced a groundbreaking change in the social media platform. He intends to pay its users. In a recent tweet, he stated that creators of tweets will be able to receive a portion of the revenue generated from advertising. With the amount received depending on the ad […]

The PS5 will make your PC jealous with this update

The PlayStation 5 is set to receive a major update, currently available only to users registered in its beta program. This update includes several exciting new features, including the arrival of Discord, the popular chat and voice communication platform, and the addition of VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) at 1440p. This new update reflects Sony’s efforts […]

You should avoid these bad charging habits to protect your smartphone battery

As a smartphone user, it’s easy to develop habits when charging your device that seems harmless, but in reality, can negatively impact the longevity and performance of your battery. Proper battery maintenance is crucial to ensuring that your phone lasts for as long as possible, and avoiding potential problems in the future. In this article, […]